Ariflex wrapping provides initially-class

Ariflex SpA (Comital Group) is amongst the most significant Western businesses professional in the creation of aluminium foils for versatile foods product packaging. Its central organization is generating smooth dairy products product packaging, delicious chocolate wrapping and covers.

Ariflex is provided with the latest equipment to transform plain aluminium foil by printing, lacquering, the, embossing and laminating slitting process according to the customer’s needs.

Lacquered / laminated aluminium foil for flexible packing

Ariflex, situated in Spinetta Marengo – Alessandria (to the north-west Italy), transforms plain aluminium foils into versatile packaging mainly for that meals industry, offering excellent and sound application encounter on the biggest accommodating packaging converters at a around the world levels.

Ariflex can approach a full selection of thin aluminium foil from 7|ìm to 50|ìm in several alloys. The aluminium foil undergoes a lacquering procedure by vinyl fabric, thermo-sealing, polyester varnishes and or by laminating with any, PE and PET plastic-type motion pictures. According to the customer’s design plain aluminium foil can also be directly submitted to the rotogravure printing process creating any kind of graphic arts.

Lesions for pharmaceutical drug product packaging

Ariflex wrapping provides initially-class services and high top quality ranges making use of its very skilled workforce and state-of-the-artwork technology equipment, which has been just recently improved in terms of technicians and gadgets. Agreement testing and product trustworthiness measuring certify the top high quality obtained by Ariflex.

Pharmaceutical packaging, including sore spots, may be produced by making use of hard-tempered aluminium foil.

Adaptable wrapping for drinks and food

Aluminium is normally employed in the meals sector because direct contact between food and foilbeverages and food triggers no reaction. The packaging of foods with extended shelf life requires resources that can offer an outstanding barrier to air. Aluminium is ideal due to its very light and exceptional toughness. Ariflex’s certain speciality is dairy and chocolate items, in fact it is one particular Europe’s top rated producers of soft cheddar cheese product packaging.

Aluminium foils for beauty products and residential hygiene accommodating packing

Aluminium is an extremely functional material and works extremely well in a variety of industries. Ariflex modified foil can be used within a significant number of other technological apps in the versatile packaging marketplaces, most particularly the makeup products, compound and technical market sectors as well as for home-based cleanliness products.