ALUMINIUM Drink Containers packing machine

Boxal, a section of your EXAL class, is definitely the community head from the aluminium aerosols and bottles market place and supplies packaging remedies for the food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals trading markets.

The audience is found within the USA, Europe and Argentina, along with its unrivalled general ability of almost 1.5 billion units a year enables it to offer commercial availability and flexibility to effectively fulfill buyer requirements.

ALUMINIUM Refreshment Containers

Our aluminium bottles really are a succeeding remedy for your liquids and beverage market place: they are perfect as Prepared To Ingest (RTD) containers, and also for sodas, oils, spirits, wines and beers. Outstanding protective qualities, a cutting-edge appearance, safeness and flexibility make sure they are perfect for buyers on the run, avant-gardists and new consumption situations.


This site offers impressive sharp, shapes and design images to your aluminium containers: the right combine to persuade new customer types with hunger for sensations, novelty and style. Complete-shaping techniques authorise the creation of famous containers promoting your manufacturer appearance.

For big creation operates or special occasions, Boxal teams can help you give your aluminium bottles substantial-top quality artwork and accessories to make a distinctive bundle that may stick out.


Shatterproof as well as a shield to air and light, our aluminium containers assure best item preservation, shelf logistics and life. A selection of openings and stoppers supplies full client satisfaction.


Our scientific expertise of aluminium ¨C from smelting to packaging aerosol bottles and containers ¨C means we generate and supply a whole range of containers.

The latest creation technology ¨C for example ‘C2C’ ¨C can either make ultra-lighting aluminium bottles and aerosols at high speed, or provide complete shaping (as a result offering innovative and personalised packaging).

Enviromentally friendly ALUMINIUM Containers

Aluminium is entirely recyclable and shows an increased-benefit alternative fabric. Light, it cuts down on transfer fees and gasoline ingestion inside the entire source chain. Our aluminium container generation method strives to lower substance consumption by constant downward improved and gauging productivity.


Boxal uses the most recent built-in design resources and efficient methods to match the changing demands of your beauty products and pharmaceutical markets.

Our expertise in aerosol-shaping techniques and complete competence from the most recent generation technological innovation allows us to completely condition aerosols. Our ‘freestyle by Boxal’ shapes reinforce product individuality and give every object an original personal identity.

The ergonomics created by the shaped models make the containers quicker to handle and hold. All of our storage containers can be designed to enable new, exclusive accessories to be connected.

Boxal’s shaped aerosols conform with similar technical and safety qualities as classic containers.


Made of tinplate, and manufactured by attracting and wall ironing, Boxal two-part tin-platter aerosol cans have got a monobloc body without having weld or seam, plus a flawlessly smooth inner wall.

The within the box system can be varnished or kept empty dependant upon the product or service simply being packaged. Each and every compartment can hold up against a pressure status approximately 18bars.


Numerous choices are offered dependant upon the qualities from the items. Compatibility assessments are completed systematically for all new products.


Six colours are available, with 360?? offset publishing spanning a foundation cover with full around-varnish security. Higher-quality visuals and special effects can be found.


Many cone features are available, such as within empty, varnished or engrossed in a cat film, and outside the house blank, white or colored. The cone is crimped on the body and the normal opening up is 1in (25.4mm).

The Newcan technical trend gives attractive designs and very competitive remedies for overseas manufacturers. Included higher-ability collections doing work at around 400 storage containers each minute make two-bit stainlesss steel storage units that match the market’s most stringent standards.

By using new materials and optimising the Newcan concept to produce a monobloc steel aerosol, Boxal continues to improved performance.

ISO 9001 AND 9002 Qualified Developing Web sites

Boxal’s a few Western websites, using their ability of almost 900 thousand models and over 20 built-in generation facial lines, provide energy and flexibility.

All of our internet sites are ISO 9002 and 9001 certified and comply with all the most stringent enviromentally friendly-defense requirements. Boxal’s aluminium bottles and aerosols are completely recyclable.