all the parts of the stretch machine

Wrapping Equipment SA is situated in Stabio, Switzerland. Our Practical Office technicians are already creating and production thermoforming models since 1981, and complete IN Range plants considering that 1992.

Today the organization has an set up overseas good reputation for the production of high end and reliable devices, processing thermoplastics worldwide. The experienced and extremely certified practical team is continuously engaged in creating new method improvements and tailor-manufactured strategies to satisfy the specific specifications for each buyer. The really close up co-operations with the consumers is crucial to ensure good results and ideal results.

he new FC SPEEDMASTER PLUS sequence, new age group of vacuum and strain forming equipment, guarantees the greatest measure of automation and also the new control system warranties productivity and highest performances with resources.

Continual creating quality, really quick re-tooling times, precision in cutting, substantial mobility and ease of use are simply several features of the Speedmaster Plus line.

Incorporated power regeneration: kinetic power produced throughout braking actions is changed into electrical power which is regenerated in to the strength system of the machine with crucial resulting on vitality savings.

The SPEEDMASTER Additionally FC range is available in an exceedingly wide range of models and versions, this makes it possible to provide the most suitable strategy to the numerous generation demands in the modern wrapping industry.


Vacuum and compressed air forming, in-line metallic rule slicing push and vertical stacking unit


Vacuum and compressed atmosphere forming, in-collection straight press for punching holes (impact and pass away), steel guideline decreasing press and top to bottom stacking unit.

FC E Internet marketing

Vacuum and compressed oxygen developing with steel rule cutting within the developing resource and vertical stacking system.


Vacuum and compressed oxygen creating with probability of steel principle slicing inside the generating tool, more in-series decreasing press and straight stacking model.

These appliances guarantee:

? High speed of productivity

? Simplicity of use

? Quick instrument change speed with reduced machine down time

? Energy saving

? Initial self-environment from the period factors to make the operator’s career much easier

? Optimum security. Together with complete conformity with Western criteria, all of the relocating platens have mechanised safety night clubs in order to avoid gravitational pressure drops. The latest era software program, working solar panel with touch-screen and color keep track of, equipped over a sliding left arm that goes the size of the proprietor aspect from the orbital stretch wrapper machine.

Highest access to all the parts of your stretch machine to create cleaning and maintenance less difficult.

Remote control support guidance, a new access components help, an advancement of your modem relationship, with the main advantage of greater velocity with out phone link expenses ensures an soon after-transaction help service more effective and exact around the world.