Airless dispensers with double pouch
for stretch wrapping

For over 3 decades, Lablabo has dedicated within the style, manufacturing and sale of airless metering dispensers for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical market sectors. The range contains pouch, pumps and valves-containers.

The first airless pouch dispenser was released by Lablabo in 1995. Ever since then, Lablabo continues to be continuously improving its impressive range of products in order to meet customers’ needs.

Airless pouch dispensers

A whole Lablabo airless pouch dispenser includes pouch-package, a metering pump as well as an overcap. This airless package will offer excellent airtightness to protect the merchandise from external contaminants; after dispensing, no air flow will profit inside the water pump and pouch.

Lablabo’s metering dispensers feature:

Dispensing of varied viscosities from your placement, even upside-straight down

Exceptional restitution prices

Constant and precise dose

Different supplies available for the pouch

Many pump motor alternatives

Effortless stuffing method, no special packing equipment essential

No aluminum elements in touch with the merchandise

Our range of products involves pouch volumes from 15ml approximately 250ml, pump motor dose from .25ml up to 3ml, the opportunity to choose among aluminium and PE for your pouch along with the chance to get a few independent pouches with the Twinbag series.

Airless dispensers for vulnerable formulas

Since delicate formulas demand very high safety during the dispensing from the method and during its shelf life, Lablabo has designed a new dispenser which will give you the greatest protection degree through the life of your product or service – the top efficiency airless dispenser (Go).

The HEAD’s accurate and powerful airless push contains a self-securing actuator and is assigned to a fairly easy satisfying aluminoplastic pouch, EasyFoil, guarded by way of a inflexible package.

This end result is:

No water loss

No oxidation

No desiccation

No Ultra violet deterioration

No stretch wrapping material connection

No metallic pieces in speak to

You are able to fill it up by using a standard stretch wrapping machine and select the medication dosage of the push and also the correct pouch quantity.

Airless dispensers with double pouch orbital stretch wrapper

Twinbag airless dispensers supply the positive aspects related to blown pouches, including the consumption of two semi-cylindrical pouches inside a cylindrical package by having an optimized volume. There are two types of this dispenser readily available, the Twinbag Solo, for 2 incompatible items, along with the Twinbag Duo, for two supporting items.

Each pumping systems from the Twinbag Solo are triggered by a solitary actuator that maintains the merchandise divided until dispensed. Every water pump in the Twinbag Duo is equipped with its unique actuator and the two products can be utilized alone.

An ISO accredited manufacturer of main product packaging materials

Previously ISO 9001 accredited considering that 2003, Lablabo acquired the ISO 15378 certification in December 2010, which includes primary packaging components for therapeutic products.