. air for the stretch wrapping machine.

7 MAIN RESET: White colored push switch; Reset the orbital stretch machine. Techniques the winder diamond ring to residence,

Shuts the stretch wrapper film cutter, and techniques the maintain downs up.

8 WINDERE RING Automobile/Guidebook: 2-position selector swap; Manually works the Winder band.

Disengaged from the place cycle plan.

9 Feedback CONV. Fwd./Auto/Rev.: 3-position selector move; Physically runs the Enter

Belt Conveyor. Disengaged from the place routine plan.

10 Result CONV. Fwd./Car/Rev.: 3-placement selector swap; Manually works the

Production Buckle Conveyor. Disengaged inside the place routine program.

11 Feedback HOLD DOWN Vehicle/Reduce: 2-situation selector swap: By hand brings down the input

product or service carry downs

17 Production Maintain DOWN Auto/Reduced: 2-situation selector change: Physically reduces the insight

product carry downs

( In the event the Winder or stretch wrapping Conveyors happen to be in the guidebook setting the system will not Period Begin )


1 Change the handle cupboard disconnect to ON.

2 Check out to ensure that you have 80 P.S.I. oxygen for the stretch wrapping machine.

3 Push the ability ON Green lighted push option. The environmentally friendly energy on light will come on.


1 Force the blue Stress FILM option. (The film stands will open up)

2 Available the film load and door the film as displayed in the diagram on page 5.

3 Take the film out and set it all over the film owner.

4 Close the film loading entrance.

5 Drive the POWER ON key ( the Power On switch will light up.)

6 Push the bright white RESET option. (The stretch film holder will shut.)

7 The machine is now all set for the very first stress.


1 Push the natural Period ENABLE press button.

2 Right after the windows is constructed the build conveyor will take the window

for the stretch wrapper and immediately stretch place your window.

3 The WINDER will quickly begin wrapping your window.

4 The INPUT and OUTPUT CONVEYORS should come on and relocate this product from the


5 After the windowpane is covered the stretch film is going to be instantly cut.

6 Once the stretch film is cut the Production CONVEYOR may come on and take off the window from your


7 Finish of wrap routine