A panel packaging machine for EPS PANEL the joints

As a result, right after the glass panel has become put within the groove Identification of your closing strip 5, the closing lip I2 is caused to return to its regular securing position proven in Figures 2 and 1, either by withdrawing the device I8 of Physique 4 or admitting atmosphere to get rid of the vacuum within the passageway I3 of Physique 4, or by discharging compressed air through the passageway I3 of Body 4a. The window installing as a whole then seems as proven in Body 8.

While in installation, the wide open finishes of your passageway I3 in the securing strip 5 can be closed and created airtight by cementing or vulcanizing the alternative comes to an end in the securing strip 5 where by they abut each other, as demonstrated at 5a in Shape 8. It has also been identified possible to seal the passageway I3 sufliciently for that purpose of the current invention of panel packing just by cutting the securing strip into a size in excess of its essential size, by way of example about one quarter inches beyond required. When this overly long closing strip 5 needs in to the panel starting, the finishes 5a are compressed collectively by the strength in the closing strip 5, securing the joints between them.

Such as the invention of panel packing demonstrated in Numbers 5 to ‘7 comprehensive, the closing strip 30 is created by extruding rubber or any other appropriate material for the wanted shape. so as’to give a system portion 3| possessing a base wall 32 given a central slot 33 for receiving a rib 34 on a structure associate or maybe the like as at 35. The framework associate 35 may possibly constitute the channel portion of a home window opening up and it is furnished with downwardly extending flanges 36 as displayed in Body 5.

Your body section 3| of your sealing strip is provided with some window pane acquiring lines 31 arranged in parallel spread out connection and said lines have inwardly directed surfaces delivering sealing lip amounts 38 similar to the securing lip servings II and I2 of the panel wrapping machines proven in Numbers 1 to 4a inclusive. One side surfaces 39 of the closing strip are arcuately curved in cross portion and the entire body section 3| from the closing strip is provided with longitudinally stretching opportunities or passageways 40 experiencing compared interior curved wall surfaces 4 and 42. The interior curved wall surfaces 42 are molded to coincide together with the side wall space 39 in an attempt to kind an arcuately curved wall structure part 43 as demonstrated clearly in Physique