2000 Forklift Loaded Turntable Automated Stretch Wrapper

2000 Forklift Filled Turntable Automated Stretch Wrapper Meets most Stretch Wrapping programs and it is customized to satisfy your precise requirements.

Made to become resilient reputable machine that will, day time in and trip, deal with all of your tought apps, although giving the greatest in buyer mobility when your needs alter.

Conveyorized Table Process

Large-Duty Turntable Intelligent with Run Roller Conveyor Best. Chamfered dinner table for forklift approach, will allow the user to access the middle of the desk for suitable fill location. Area packing or finish packing functionality.

Band bearing

Built Such As A Tank!

Extra-large assistance wheels for smooth and silent operations. Up to 12 RPM Varied Desk Velocity Handle, #50 ANSI Curler chain and sprocket push.

Our rugged turntables have already been designed for long and smooth-enduring operation. 50″ x 50″ x 80″ load dimension, 4,000 pounds. body weight capacity turntable Discover more about the turntable generate capabilities here

CheckedFASTER – 12 RPM, Quickest WRAPPING Velocity IN HIS School!

12 RPM the easiest stretch wrapper in their course! With 12 rpm table speed the PCTA-2000 will be the fastest stretch wrapper in his course. As much as 35 pallets per hr. (according to stress machine and configuration choices), larger sized, factor velocity brings manage all engines for maximum overall flexibility, heavier, and quicker wrapping than most competitive equipment with our 50” by 50” weight dimensions and 4,000 pounds ability.

CheckedEFFICIENT Work-flow – MAXIMIZE THE Creation AND Boost Your User Protection!

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The PCTA-2000 offers the exact same usefulness of the easily transportable automated turntable design with the addition of a driven roller conveyor top and a gravitational forces conveyor. As soon as the wrapping cycle is completed, the load is automatically moved from the turntable to the gravity conveyor freeing the wrapping zone,. That’s the great advantage of this automatic sytem. The wrapper is now ready to acknowledge a brand new weight while the user can move the packaged stress towards the storage area. The worker can operate the wrapper without the need to dismount from the Forklift increasing his safety if a “Pull Cord Start Switch” is used.

Your packaging efficiency will significantly gain benefit from the continuous and efficient creation stream that the PCTA-2000 system gives.

CheckedFLEXIBLE – Phoenix, az OPERATOR Graphical user interface Handle Delivers OPTIONS And Adaptability AS Normal!

Much more stretch wrapping controls and flexibility as standard

Allen Bradley 1200 Micrologix Control

The PCTA management capabilities an Allen Bradley 1200 PLC with selector and pushbutton changes and involves a lot of features not really offered by opponents.

Unbiased Variable quicken/down carriage management (This feature is frequently neglected, but provides much more film application management and noticed film financial savings).

Independent Leading & Base cover counters from 1-9 (This supplies the maximum overall flexibility for all of your wrapping demands).

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ChecedSAFER – 3 Move “Straightforward Line” FILM Reloading Makes certain MAXIMUM Basic safety

Stretch Film Financial savings FunctionRe-loading the Film roll on any carriage is not really an easy task with lots of equipment. With this “Easy Thread” entry style, we ensure it is simple and easy less dangerous. Merely unlatch and wide open the gain access to entrance, draw film tail earlier open accessibility door and near the doorway. It’s so simple!