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Lupack stretch wrapping provides a really unique wide variety of stretch film dispensers and machines, in the very basic system within the entirely automatic higher-overall performance pallet wrapping machine. This means that no matter what form of product or service, when it comes to size, weight and speed necessary from the production exercise, Lupack stretch wrapping has got the solution.

Stretch wrappers for pallets

Lupack stretch wrapping generates a selection of stretch wrappers for pallets and palletised merchandise from your guide plastic-type material or steel dispenser approximately the revolving turntable – left arm – ring wrapper, called Mancon. Capabilities vary from one pallet or significantly less wrapped each day as much as greater than 100 pallets each hour manufacturing potential. Specialities in stainless steel and -20?? atmosphere software can be purchased.

Stretch wrapping solutions

Lupack stretch wrapping offers a wide range of stretch wrapping methods to secure and protect lots for transportation, external and internal, generating processes speedier and much more effective. From semi to fully automated, little to oversized, slow to extremely quickly, Lupack stretch wrapping stretch wrappers are available all over the world from the affiliate marketers and our impartial exclusive suppliers. The product people are:

Turning transform tables (F1-SW)

Spinning hands (RA)

Revolving robots (WR)

Engagement ring wrappers (Mancon)


Weighty-responsibility wrapping machines

flexibility, economy and reliability, since they let time savings and lower the stretch film ingestion to correctly pack any kind of weight, lupack stretch wrapping wrapping equipment are weighty-responsibility and synonymous with flexibility.

Lupack stretch wrapping devices makes use of probably the most famous overseas companies of electrical, electronic and pneumatic elements, as well as its individual aluminum sheet producing, to supply the ideal products.

In order to satisfy any request, either with standard or customised applications utilising a wide selection of options and accessories, the Lupack stretch wrapping team will identify the best solution from the machine and from the consumable point of view. In order to keep equipment efficient for the longest period of time, experienced technicians together with the most prompt spare parts service, support any user all over the world.

The main sectors utilising our equipment are:

beverage and Food

Prescription drug and beauty


Development and common production

Time-conserving stretch film machines and dispensers

Lupack stretch wrapping focuses on reducing packaging time in order to minimise installation, set up, usage and necessary maintenance intervention.

All types of user friendly automation and features are used, or accessible, in most Lupack stretch wrapping machine.

Our quest is always to keep our buyers content.