Machine for packaging

Suitable for: cosmetic, medicine, food and other light industry sector, in the square and special-shaped round bottle labeling.
Function of stretch wrapping machine characteristics:
1. The correct positioning, ensure flat bottle, square bottle and special-shaped bottles of neutral;
2. Use the roll wheel helped the organization: effective guarantee on elevation accuracy;
3. The imported servo motor control: to ensure the send the features of high precision operation;
4. Adopt world famous brands imported electrical components: to ensure the stability and reliability of the whole machine.
Technical parameters in coil packaging line:
Material size: phi 28-120 – mm
Labeling speed: 300 bottles/min (related to material and label size)
Labeling machine accuracy: + / – 1.0 mm
Dimension: (L) x 3000 mm (W) 1420 x 1500 mm (H)
A, the main performance and structure features:
Adopts electronic weighing method, packing weight more precision, lower production cost.
1, in both Chinese and English touch screen display, intuitive, simple.
2, PLC computer control system, running more stable, don’t stop any parameters adjustment.
3, adopt servo motor to pull film, more accurate positioning.
4, independent temperature control system, the precision can reach 1 ℃ (plus or minus)
5, packaging, style diversity, back closure, Angle, even the bags, punching, etc.
6, the production of bag making, sealing, packing, date printing one-time finish.