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horizontal orbital stretch wrapper (2)
horizontal orbital stretch wrapper (2)

Orion’s engineering crew can modify AXIS for specific client needs, which includes different engagement ring dimensions on the Orbital wrapper, productiveness innovations, multiple functions variances and custom made options.

AXIS will be launched at Pack Expo Vegas, Sept 23-25, Presentation area C-1914. For more information concerning the new AXIS wrapping program, contact Orion at 800-333-6556, 320-852-7705 or check out stretch wrapper.

About Orion

For more than twenty five years, Orion Packaging has become providing its consumers with tough and trustworthy stretch wrapping machine solutions that deliver business leading prestretch abilities and exceptional worth. Orion provides a total merchandise type of automated and semi-automated stretch wrapping solutions for virtually every load containment require.

Orion is powered by Pro Mach, a Cincinnati, Ohio centered company of incorporated orbital stretch packaging and processing products and solutions forfood and beverage, consumer goods, prescription drug, along with other different businesses. Through numerous brands, Pro Mach provides product packaging and handling equipment, PMMI licensed coaching,installation and parts, and service in Bottling & Capping, Primary Packaging, Flexible Packaging, Materials Dealing with, Identification & Keeping track of, and Conclusion of Line stretch wrapping machine Packaging.

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Yr 1995, 2008 UP GRADE FOR Electrical Part BY YEIL TECH, KOREA.
Variety 4 Substantial REVERSE Style, Do the job ROLL DRIVE
THICKNESS 0,1mm ¡§C three,0mm
Speed 80M/MIN
Capability twenty,000TONS/YEAR
ROLLER- Get the job done ROLLER 160?mm X 360mm = 14PCS
BACK UP ROLLER 350?mm X 360mm = 7PCS
RECOILER 400?mm X 400mm HYDRAULIC Expansion
Electrical Power 380VOLT X 60Hz



Stretch wrapping machine for sale

Automatic-Encrusting-Machine for pastry


Automatic-Encrusting-Machine for pastry

As a manufacturer,Automatic encrusting machines were designed since October, 2006. Before standard machine creation, the first testing machine device was controlled on own confectionery produce for 10 years. When machine was analyzed and testing in actual conditions for food production,  the design of the machine tool is able meets and verified real needs of food manufacture. It really is possible to approve confirm with high confidence which automatic encrusting machine is very reliable and straightforward adequate in function for pastry, cake… Until now, there are more than thousands equipment in client’s factory

Warranty period of the automatic encrusting machine instrument procedure is 1 year after installation. At producing machine resources the “know-how” is stringently observed and also the materials fixed to program inside the foods-handling business are employed only. Before sending to the buyer passes preselling tests – within 1 hour the finished goods are issued, almost each machine tool.


Bigger and evident representations about encrusting machine job could be received, possessing looked brought listed below tiny films.

1. Production of circular bicoloured shortcake with the type of physique in the form of an 8 beam star.

ncrusting confectionary machine is designed to fungus the packed pastry (cakes, shortcake and cookies extravagant cakes, and so forth. Also curd cheese rolls, sweets, ravioli and pies etc. may be transferred in the machine

coil stretch wrapper and option


coil stretch wrapper
coil stretch wrapper

Optional parts:

1)    Logo Taping —To show your company’s logo and image.

a)      Making the coil package more beautiful and elegant.

b)      Tape adhesive position is movable & flexible for different size of coils.            c)  Logo tape size (OD, ID, and Width) designed for your requirement.

  1. Automatic mechanical hand (stretch film):

a)       This device makes machine automatically and unmanned operation.

b)      It will be designed for different packing materials.

c)       Automatic packing materials feeding and cutting.

d)      Sensor and PLC program control.

packing device for bag

If you have at any time traveled to Florida and visited a memento or gift shop there, you may possibly well have noticed a display of stay hermit crabs, scuttling from shell to brightly colored shell, getting supplied for sale. While it might look that these marine creatures direct a fairly simple existence, Sarasota, FL-dependent Florida Marine Investigation (FMR) offers a range of much more than 30 goods to entertain and nourish the hermit crab and liven up its environment.

Amongst the meals and accessory items presented by FMR are neon-colored gravel, sponges, sand, coral items, shells, a swimming pool, a meals and drinking water dish, fruit treats, and more. The firm also sells the hermit crabs by themselves and their shells, both natural or decorated, to pet retailers and on the web stores about the world.

In 2012, with an expanding product line and a rapidly increasing business, FMR began seeking for a more efficient way to package deal its products into stand-up pouches and pillow packs—a process that up until then experienced been manual. The remedy arrived in the type of an automated horizontal type/fill/seal machine from Automated Packaging Methods, Inc. that gives the speed, flexibility, and relieve of procedure necessary by the organization.

For the duration of a current check out by Packaging Globe to the FMR facility, Plant Supervisor Daniel Castellano raved about the system’s capabilities—including its reliability, fast product changeover, real-time productivity information, pace, precision, and reduced servicing. “We have experienced the equipment for a few many years, and we adore it,” he claims. “It’s actually, genuinely great, and really, actually risk-free.”

Overall flexibility, pace are key
When FMR was looking for a new packaging resolution, it enlisted the knowledge of nearby packaging device distributor Gulfcoast Packaging. Gulfcoast’s president, Neil Kopinski, suggested Automatic Packaging Systems’ FAS Sprint Revolution™ SidePouch® bagger due to its capability to take care of numerous bag sizes and its pace.

FMR deals its items in 1-, two-, and 3-lb preprinted or obvious polyethylene luggage in measurements that variety from four x six to 9 x twelve in. as properly as a new five x sixteen-in. bag. As Castellano describes, to switch from a single bag dimensions to another, the operator just needs to alter the bag film and choose a preprogrammed recipe from the machine’s AutoTouch™ management computer software through the HMI. “If you load the new film but overlook to modify the recipe, the machine will see the conflict and will notify the operator,” he says.

The SidePouch bagger at FMR comes equipped with an auger filler that feeds gravel, sand, and meals pellets into pre-opened pouches offered alongside a horizontal feed with a 6-in. pass through. The device also enables operators the adaptability to manually fill bags with non-granular items these kinds of as shells and add-ons. For this process, a footswitch enables guide bag indexing. In the earlier, with all offers loaded manually, a few operators have been needed to manage product packaging now, only 1 is required, ensuing in a sixty six% reduction in labor charges.


“The time savings is exponential,” states Paul Manger, President and CEO of FMR. “This is an simple expenditure to make since of the speedy return on investment. Our preprinted SidePouch baggage are retail all set, and the pre-opened luggage are much less difficult to fill than the stand-up pouches we utilised earlier. The versatility of this equipment is extraordinary, and it is capable of bagging more rapidly than we can pack. We even eradicated additional time in the course of our busiest time of the 12 months.”

High productiveness
The SidePouch technique makes use of an integrated Allen-Bradley® () control package deal, showcasing Kinetix® servomotors and drives, a CompactLogix™ L45 PLC, and a 10-in. PanelView™ Plus HMI to deliver ease of procedure, integration, and technique dependability.

During operation of the bagger, preformed, pre-perforated SidePouch bags—supplied fanfolded in a case—are manually threaded on to the bagger loader, and the baggage are carried to a horizontal conveyor. Once in the machine, a knife/hook system separates the bags, with the perforation permitting for a clear split. The luggage are then slit open at the top and are carried along a 60-in.-vast loading spot, for filling possibly manually or by way of the auger filler. When the luggage are filled, a motion seal flattener coupled with a band sealer seals the bag, producing 3∕8-in. seals, and the excessive film is trimmed from the prime of the bag. Completed packages are then dropped on to an outfeed conveyor for manual situation packing or for loading into totes for stock. Says Castellano, “Every single bag, from start to complete, is the same.”

Although Automatic Packaging Systems provides automated weighing and printing options, FMR does not use these parts, preferring instead to manually weigh baggage at intervals for a swift high quality check out.

With the new system, FMR typically creates filled and sealed baggage at a rate of 500 to seven hundred in./min, based on pouch measurement. The SidePouch equipment is capable of working at 900 in./min, established by the bag measurement, but Castellano remarks that rates up to 900/min would be way too quickly for FMR to preserve up with manually.

Among the capabilities of the program that Castellano finds notably useful is its AutoTouch manage software, which allows him to monitor virtually every single aspect of production, which includes real-time productivity information and on-board system diagnostics. “For every changeable piece of the machine [i.e., knives, belts], you can see how several inches of film you have operate to decide when they require to be replaced,” he states. “You can appear at productivity to make certain you achieve your goals for the year, and you can see how considerably you have made of each and every merchandise, to title a number of capabilities.” The technique also keeps monitor of how many bags have been produced because the device commenced operation—at the time of PW’s go to, it was 387,899.

Castellano also appreciates the machine’s minimal routine maintenance needs. “There is practically nothing much better than this machine,” he claims. “It is really effortless to thoroughly clean, and parts this sort of as the knife or belt have a prolonged existence.” Given that acquiring the machine, he suggests FMR has only experienced to alter the knife utilized to reduce the baggage twice, and the Teflon belt in the sealer has been replaced each 7 to eight months.

tilter and handling for steel coil

Limited turnaround

The new-technology VarioFlow additionally flexible chain conveyor makes use of optimized sliding traits for the chains and slide rails, less joints with low-friction components, gliding surfaces that do not require machining, and connection engineering engineered for easy assembly and modification.

VarioFlow plus is supplied in observe widths ranging from sixty five mm to 320 mm, with normal, in-stock supplies such as 45-deg and ninety-deg curve sections. In the lite-F, empty containers are indexed into 1 stop of the machine and transported on the conveyor to the filling heads. Right after filling, they are then transported to a discharge level.

The principal challenge the Rexroth team confronted was fitting the VarioFlow plus into the current lite-F style, which was almost all set for fabricating and was scheduled to debut at a major tradeshow in less than 3 months’ time. This needed the development of two custom curves, a single with a 7-deg angle and an additional with a 15-deg angle and modified/personalized relationship details with for a longer time infeed and discharge sections to fit the conveyor’s closed-loop around the filling station equipment.

The conveyor accommodates the lite-F’s maximum container size—up to a hundred and twenty-mm extended x a hundred-mm wide—as nicely as transports containers directly on the belt or relocating “pucks” that contain multiple containers.

“We knew it was a custom style,” Gozlan says. “But we could see that we could sit down and perform with Bosch Rexroth to get a much more customized solution, with out incurring significant additional expenses.

“We’re happy that we found a partner willing to perform with us to develop our wants more, which was something Rexroth’s opponents weren’t as willing to do.”

A single key instrument that aided the team in meeting the tight deadlines was Rexroth’s MTpro software program. The Windows-based mostly program for developing and configuring conveyor techniques is person-friendly and easy to discover, allows consumers merge catalog components to form assemblies and methods in a digital 3D format, with help of a built-in rule motor to make certain the answer will function in the genuine globe.

“We utilized MTpro to brainstorm with Groninger on how to use VarioFlow plus,” Schiedeck says. “Immediately it helped us decide that an initial component style would not function, and so with MTpro we had been capable to quickly work out an substitute set of elements to remedy the problem.”

Important rewards

Amid the key advantages VarioFlow furthermore and the lite-F machine provide Groninger are the following:

• Compact size that matches the needs of the machine’s goal markets by maintaining the all round machine’s footprint down for the smaller sized personal-label producers with constrained plant floorspace.

• VarioFlow plus’s straightforward assembly and interchangeable design attributes enable companies to modify or increase their footprint in the future. The modular style permits connecting the lite-F to upstream or downstream equipment, which helps stop users looking for to improve their potential automation stage.

This will allow the VarioFlow plus to convey filled bottles from the lite-F to a bottle-capping machine that Groninger programs to deploy in the around potential.

• Clean movement. This is essential in conveying containers, especially in filling sequences exactly where there are stop-and-begin sequences of motion.

Claims Gozlan, “The way the VarioFlow additionally operates, the relationship points are a lot cleaner and smoother working than the competition’s, and that gave us confidence that it would supply the clean motion we want.”

A new partnership

The two companies are delighted with their partnership’s outcomes. “When you do one thing customized, as we had been carrying out with the unique angles that we needed with the VarioFlow additionally, you expect that expense may be considerably higher,” Gozlan states. “However, what delighted us at Groninger was that, when all was mentioned and done and the parts ordered, it nevertheless ended up costing less than the competitor’s solution.” Groninger has currently purchased a next VarioFlow plus conveyor and plans to think about which includes it in potential machine designs.

tilter and handling for aluminum coil

Automation techniques that provide reduce-price, compact packaging answers for more compact-scale and commence-up companies—and assist increase throughput and flexibility—represent a get-win for both packaging equipment builders and their finish-person consumers.

Benefiting from these specific benefits is Groninger, which is based mostly in Germany with functions in North The united states. Groninger provides custom filling and packaging machines to the international pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

The organization offers completely automated large-velocity creation techniques for filling, closing, and dealing with vials, syringes, and bottles for pharmaceutical and health care items, as nicely as filling, sealing and handling machines for cosmetics this kind of as perfumes, lotions, haircare products, and makeup.

Groninger not too long ago released the lite-F filling machine, targeting the expanding ranks of non-public-label and begin-up companies in the cosmetics business.

A key to the efficiency and versatility of the lite-F program is its VarioFlow furthermore conveyor supplied by Bosch Rexroth.

Targets entry-level packagers
Groninger sought to expand its equipment portfolio to fill the gap among guide tabletop models and totally automatic higher-velocity creation lines.

“We identified the require for more compact, flexible filling and closing machines to give growing non-public-label and start-up companies the likelihood to automate their production with a minimum investment,” says Lothar Burger, Controlling Director of Groninger United states.

The first design in the Groninger lite line is the lite-F, a two-headed filling device that can fill up to 2,seven-hundred units/hr and method containers up to five hundred mL and/or 16 oz. It processes both glass and plastic containers and operates within a compact 460-cm long x one hundred-cm wide footprint.

It is developed to fill liquids—from drinking water-primarily based items to thicker viscosities this sort of as creams—in a single device. The device can substitute handbook filling techniques usually employed by smaller personal-label organizations, enabling them to substantially improve throughput and expand their customer base.

Demo puts VarioFlow furthermore to work

The lite collection represent the very first Groninger equipment to be created and manufactured at the company’s Charlotte, NC, headquarters. (The photos for this story are shown at the Charlotte plant.) Groninger’s consumers will reward from the expense-efficient systems via elevated productivity delivered by utilizing a blend of manual processes and automation.

During the method, employees spot vacant containers onto a single side of a moving conveyor, with containers conveyed to a filling head. The containers are filled 1 at a time, then indexed by the conveyor to a discharge point.

The steady, oval-loop conveyor gives plant operators the independence to determine in which to station operators who load the empty bottles and get rid of the crammed bottles for additional processing and packaging.

In accordance to Dave Gozlan, Business Improvement Supervisor for Groninger United states, at the time that the design and style for the lite-F was being finalized, senior executives from the company experienced the possibility to see a VarioFlow furthermore demonstration.

sensor for packing machine

Sensors provide the needed real-time information for helping drive packaging equipment and functions to the next level of automation. Verify out these a few illustrations.

A presentation by Corey Morton, director of technology options, B&R Industrial Automation Corp., last week at SouthPack in Orlando centered on the essential part of sensors and associated devices for Related Machinery, the Wise Factory and Market four.. He employed as an instance a wraparound scenario packer and pointed to sensors ranging from proximity sensors to device eyesight sensors—also feel bar code readers that engage in a function as well—to passive radio-frequency identification tags to units that offer readouts of temperature, voltages, positioning, frequency and voltage.

With that in mind, we present a few new photoelectric sensors that provide the crucial info for quantitative and qualitative indication of what’s happening on a packaging production line.

Very first up is a new variety of compact ultrasonic sensors, constructed of thermoplastic or stainless metal (the two shown over), released this thirty day period by Carlo Gavazzi. The sensors supply long sensing distances up to 800mm, in spite of their compact thread length of just fractionally more than 38mm. The sensors are IP67 rated, and electronic and analog output versions are available.

Colour sensors for automation applications from EMX Industries Inc. offer verification differentiated by colour. The ColorMax-one thousand gives more quickly sensing with greater manage in viewing up to fifteen shades in Purple-Eco-friendly-Blue depth. A new white balance adjustment function permits the entry of correction aspects utilized to the RGB color measurements through adjustment of sensor readings. Traditional color sensors output only a “match/no match” situation, but the ColorMax-1000 also outputs the analog values for each and every RGB reading: It is not just shade, it alerts how much color, to allow tighter control. A Home windows software system (as proven above) makes established-up and color recognition programming easy.

sensor and packaging in expo booth

Inside of the Cognex booth was a stay demo of an inspection program that makes use of an “Xpand25” mirror array and bar-design light-weight resource to read bar codes and check out for label defects as containers are conveyed at high speeds. The setup showcased the company’s DataMan 503 substantial-speed logistics bar code reader. I was told by item advertising and marketing expert Matt Angstadt that while the demo was working at a blazing velocity of 500 ft for each minute, they have run the technique up to 600 fpm. He explained that Cognex can put in programs able of inspecting up to five sides of a box and are functioning on 1 that can examine all six sides like the base.
The technique provided Cognex Explorer Genuine Time Checking (RTM) that immediately evaluates each captured image and categorizes them into teams such as packages with “no label present” or offers with “poorly printed labels.” Categorized pictures are saved in a databases and obtainable for long term viewing by way of any gadget with a net browser.
In a adjust of speed from the other packaging booths that normally included bins in some way, Automated Packaging Systems’ AutoBag 850S Mail Get Achievement Bagger is able of running bags up to 22 inches vast. The modern bag opening technologies grabs and secures the bag in a all set place. A vast-open up loading area attributes strain sensors that eradicate the need to have for cumbersome guarding and security switches close to the heat sealer portion. That benefits in ergonomic and conveniently quickly loading by operators. It also provides AutoTouch control screen and on-board diagnostics and an inline thermal imprinter for individually personalized mail purchase fulfillment purposes. Bags can be offered printed in up to ten hues for an impactful impression with customers.

OX IV styles and manufactures the broadest range of printer applicators in the planet. We transform above 25 industrial printers into print and apply. We can also modify our print and apply tools to meet a wide variety of demanding apps – from airless all-electric to big 8″ X 11″ pallet labels.

Our unique TwinPrint collection of printers and printer applicators are developed for automating delivery label/packing slip/return UPS-ARS labeling procedures. Our unique Tandem print and utilize can digitally laminate labels for hostile environments.

FOX IV introduced the world’s 1st HF (13.fifty six MHz) RFID label printer applicator in 2001 and we were the initial print and apply organization to move the EPC Gobal’s Certification for Course 1 and Course tags in August 2004.

We can combine automatic label applicators and printer applicators, conveyors, bar code scanners, ink jet printers, RFID and eyesight systems, scales, materials managing units, and a assortment of software and database platforms to converse with legacy and business warehouse management techniques. FOX IV is also a label convertor with 7 flexographic presses that can print up to eight hues – utilizing the two UV and waterbased inks.

We have put in our techniques in a vast range of hostile environments – from steel mills to copper mines to wash down procedures in places like Australia, Malaysia, Germany, Russia, and Chile.

Many of our options are documented on our net web site. Make sure you just take the time to access them – you may uncover that we have currently developed a resolution that – with a small modification – will satisfy your demands. If not, remember to get in touch with us to go over your application. We have over twenty five several years of experience offering turnkey built-in answers.

filler and machine for packaging

Filling machines—the core of most packaging lines—usually set the tempo and character of a packaging procedure. Modular designs in recent many years have additional some versatility, and boosted shipping and delivery guide times. But a new concept in how fillers are developed might upend how bottle liquid filling methods add to elite packaging operations.

The Robofiller from Fillomatic International (FG) Industries makes use of a robotic arm for on-the-fly intermittent-movement liquid filling that reaches speeds up to 200 containers for every minute with 10 filling heads.

The rewards of this certain filling system style are courtesy of John Henry, Certified Packaging Expert (CPP), owner of consultancy, writer of several packaging-associated publications such as “Packaging Equipment Handbook” and KC Boxbottom blogger for Packaging Digest:

one. Flexibility: “Change the head and you have a complete new filler,” Henry claims. The company touts the system’s fast changeover, describing it as “instant,” and referring to either item or bundle structure changeovers.

two. Cost: “Rather than a customized-constructed filler,” Henry says, “you have a standard robotic that fees around $50,000.” FG Industries offers a assortment of blend-and-match modules: bottle managing, bottle positioning, conveyor methods, filling nozzles, filling engines, filling elements supplies, item shipping systems and ejectors.

three. Shipping and delivery time: “Robots are primarily off the shelf,” Henry provides. The modular design and style of the whole system also contributes to quick machinery delivery, aiding you get your venture up and working on time.

four. Dimension: “The program is fairly compact,” Henry notices. A single this sort of filling method, the X8 S8 sequence, measures approximately 9.five ft vast x 6.875 toes deep and six.875 large.

FG Industries also helps make plug-and-perform robotic induction cap sealers and cappers to develop a full packaging system (RoboSys) for a variety of liquids, including foods (sauces), beverages, prescribed drugs, private treatment products, household and industrial chemical substances, and a lot more.

adhesive dispensing for packaging

This hot-soften method for situation and carton sealing that reduces adhesive fees and boosts packaging manufacturing is as noteworthy for what it has as for what it doesn’t have.

Graco is partnering with adhesive dispensing specialists OBX Functions Inc. to emphasize sophisticated features accessible for the InvisiPac Tank-Totally free Scorching Melt Techniques in Booth #675 at PackEx Toronto, June 16-18, 2015 at the Toronto Congress Centre, Toronto, Ontario. Graco together with 8 other adhesives suppliers will also be at PackEx.

The InvisiPac System is engineered to decrease adhesive expenses up to 50% and boosting creation in packaging applications.

What it has is a heat up time of much less than 10 minutes while getting rid of tank char and nozzle plugging as a proven alternative to conventional scorching melt tanks in packaging programs.

Together with the program, OBX Functions will spotlight new developments which includes:

InvisiPac LineSite Remote Checking Answer for ideal process handle by allowing customers to view device conditions from a wise telephone, pill, or personal computer
Optional InvisiPac GM100 Plug-Free of charge Sizzling Melt Applicator that has all the benefits of plug-totally free adhesive dispensing in a compact, patent-pending module idea filter
InvisiPac Sample Control System that permits the specific application of the correct sum of adhesive in exactly the proper place. Customers can change from a strong bead to a stitched bead for person beads or an entire pattern. It turns on and off with the drive of a button.