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Sofrigam introduces Igloo, an insulated kit consisting of a pouch and a cold supply. Igloo gives security for heat-delicate medications at temperatures amongst +2°C and +8°C for up to just one hour, safeguarding them while they are in transit from the pharmacy until finally they are administered to the affected individual.

The insulated package satisfies the next specifications:

• The request from the Countrywide Council of Pharmacists to provide to the marketplace a suited stretch wrapper packaging option with a minimum sustained cooling potential of 20 minutes, in the temperature selection +2°C to +8°C

• The needs of pharmacists to have entry to an insulated package that is simple to put together (just just one process at +5°C) and that accommodates any dimension of warmth-delicate health care solution at an economical cost

• The necessity of the pharmaceutical marketplace to sustain the integrity of medications until eventually they are administered to the individual

• The wants of people, enabling them to transportation their medicines in comprehensive safety without obtaining to cope with the insulated package

A warmth-sensitive medication will exceed +8°C in less than 5 minutes. Vaccines, insulin, and other medications that want to be saved at temperatures of among +2°C and +8°C are bought each and every working day to clients and transported from the pharmacy to their households without any acceptable protection. A heat-delicate drugs uncovered to a mean ambient temperature of +20°C will exceed +8°C in significantly less than 5 minutes.

stretch wrapper Fluctuations in the temperature of a healthcare product are not able to be detected visually. In the finest case the medication is rendered ineffective, while in the worst circumstance it can turn into harmful. In buy to safeguard the integrity of the merchandise although it is in transit, it is crucial to make use of a suitable insulated bundle, even for the shortest journeys.

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