wrapping machine Marketing email

Dear Manager,

How are you? From your website,very glad to know that you may need Industrial Belts.

This is Cathy from Corp, Chinese state-owned enterprise ranked 267th among the Global Fortune 500,a professional supplier of PU&PVC Belting products for more than 10 years.

Thickness: PVC Belting (1~7mm) PU Belting (0.8~4mm) Width: 200mm ~ 4000mm

Appearance: Flat surface, diamond pattern, lawn pattern, golf pattern,etc.

Colors: Green, blue, gray, white, black, blue, dark green, transparent,etc.

Application:PVC Belting: Food, medicine, electronics, tobacco, printing, packaging, textile and other production lines.


Welcome you to send inquiry to us,we will quote for you within 24 hours based on rich experience.

If you are not responsible for this matter, please help me to pass this email to Purchase department.


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