wrapping film composite wrap coil

The application product offers a galvanized steel coil packaging, commercial packaging film composite wrap coil, can play a water-proof, humidity-confirmation function, suited to very hot, humid surroundings security requirements for stainlesss steel coils rust; packing While using internal circumferential corrugated sheeting, stainlesss steel fender inner peripheral fiber safety, finish fiber content retaining platter table as well as other wrapping materials, can coil right after picking up the product packaging, transportation and storage process to avoid due to outside pressure coil area good quality flaws (includingscratches and pits, and so on.); On the other hand, the power product provides a galvanized steel coil product packaging, reasonable use of packaging components, steer clear of too much product packaging, minimizing packaging costs available in the market continues to be fairly very good program, perform an excellent social and economic advantages.

Finally it should be noted that that the above embodiments are only used to illustrate the technical solution of the utility model and not limitation, with reference to examples although the present utility model is described in detail, persons of ordinary skill in the art should be appreciated that the technical solutions utility modifications or equivalent replacements without departing from the spirit of the scope and utility of the technical solution, which should cover the scope of the claims utility which.

A galvanized steel coil packing, whereby: Through the on the inside for the outside the house such as composite manufacturing product packaging film, pieces of paper position outside and inside papers direction, corrugated internal fender, fender stainlesss steel outer and inner circumferential fiber content defense dishes, end dietary fiber defend, inside stainlesss steel direction, position metal and stainlesss steel exterior banding; mentioned composite metallic coils for industrial packaging film for the whole covered wrapping, document perspective to the internal coil finish part of the inside periphery , put into the external document perspective coil outside peripheral finish section, the inner peripheral guard and the interior circumferential corrugated metal cover coil convert protected by an interior peripheral work surface, mentioned outside circumferential dietary fiber coil shield platter covers the external circumferential work surface, said stops from the fibers coil stop defend deal with, the inner direction stainlesss steel coils placed inside peripheral end portion of said external coil metallic perspective into outer peripheral end part, explained metal strapping, correspondingly, within the radial and circumferential strapping coil work surface.

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