wrapping an unstable fill with a stretch wrap film wrapping machine

8. A method as identified in claim 7 further more comprising taking away explained stress from said lift.

9. A way as described in state 7 whereby mentioned palletizing phase makes up:

(a) releasing a pallet into explained box over stated elevator;

(b) releasing explained load into explained pot atop said pallet wherein said compartment gives side support for stated stress; and

(c) topping stated stress inside explained box by using a limit composition.

10. The method as outlined in state 9 wherein said presenting stated weight phase comprises forming a predetermined quantity of levels of explained stress interleaved having a separator sheet between each layer thereof.

11. A way as described in state 7 wherein explained dispensing means makes up:

(a) prestretching said film; and

(b) serving explained film into wrapping engagement with stated pot to ensure that a predetermined percentage of the breadth of said film is packaged over the uppr side of stated container which is involved by said stress as said weight is urged upward whereby the explained pot insulates stated fill from unbalanced lateral factors produced by wrapping mentioned film about stated fill.

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