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Vacuum packaging machine mainly refers to the ability to automatically extractthe air in the packaging bag, reaches a predetermined vacuum degree completesealing process. Can also be re filling nitrogen gas or other gas mixture, and thencomplete the mechanical equipment of sealing process. Vacuum packaging machine is often used in the food industry, through the packaging products to prevent oxidation, mildew, moth Vacuum packaging machine mainly refers to the ability to automatically extract the air in the packaging bag, reaches a predetermined vacuum degree complete sealing process. Can also be re filling nitrogen gas or other gas mixture, and then complete the mechanical equipment of sealing process. Vacuum packaging machine is often used in the food industry, through the packaging products to prevent oxidation, mildew, moth eaten, damp, durability, preservation, to extend the product storage period.
All the time since, the development trend of steadily rising, the current vacuum horizontal stretch wrapper packaging machine, the common market for semi-automatic vacuum equipment, just need to press the vacuum automatically covered under way to complete vacuum sealing, printing, cooling, exhaust the whole process. To establish a diversified, universal and multifunctional integrated packaging machinery in the new system, we must first focus on solving the combination of mechanical and electrical integration problem, this is undoubtedly an important development direction in the future.
With the development of high performance, multi-function vacuum packaging machine and packaging material excellent barrier of development and application, and the vacuum packing and inflatable, radiation, freezing, oxygen agent, ethylene absorbent and other physical and chemical processes, combined, will achieve better preservation effect.
Now the development of packaging machinery and equipment has become a comprehensive upgrading stage, this stage has distinct characteristics, namely the use of a large number of civil or all kinds of modern electronic technology, microelectronic technology, military practitioners of high precision technology, edge technology, so as to effectively improve the reliability, safety level of packaging machinery equipment and production line.
The actual need reasonable simplified packaging and packaging method based on the advantage of technology, need to continuously explore vacuum packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises, to accelerate its pace of technological innovation, especially to the modern automatic machine and the synchronous development of echoes. The current international vacuum packaging technology and equipment development trend is mainly reflected in four aspects, namely, the automation of production, adopting the new technology, single function and assembly production line. The following from the four aspects for the specific description.
1, production automation: automated vacuum packaging machine not only improves the production efficiency, but also has the advantages of safety and health.
Typ-b series rotary vacuum chamber Japan Inc production of horizontal packaging machine, packing machine is a multi position quite a high degree of automation of. This machine has a vacuum filling and 2 turntables, filling turntable has 6 stations providing bags, feeding, injection pre sealing, and the packages to the vacuum of the turntable; the vacuum of the turntable has 12 stations to complete the evacuation and sealing and finished product output, production efficiency of up to 40 bags / points, mainly used in soft package food.eaten, damp, durability, preservation, to extend the product storage period.

All the time since, the development trend of steadily rising, the current vacuum packaging machine, the common market for semi-automatic vacuum equipment,just need to press the vacuum automatically covered under way to complete vacuum sealing, printing, cooling, exhaust the whole process. To establish adiversified, universal and multifunctional integrated packaging machinery in the new system, we must first focus on solving the combination of mechanical and electrical integration problem, this is undoubtedly an important developmentdirection in the future.

With the development of high performance, multi-function vacuum horizontal orbital stretch wrapper packaging machine and packaging material excellent barrier of development andapplication, and the vacuum packing and inflatable, radiation, freezing, oxygen agent, ethylene absorbent and other physical and chemical processes,combined, will achieve better preservation effect.

Now the development of packaging machinery and equipment has become a comprehensive upgrading stage, this stage has distinct characteristics, namely the use of a large number of civil or all kinds of modern electronic technology,microelectronic technology, military practitioners of high precision technology,edge technology, so as to effectively improve the reliability, safety level of packaging machinery equipment and production line.

The actual need reasonable simplified packaging and packaging method based on the advantage of technology, need to continuously explore vacuum packagingmachinery manufacturing enterprises, to accelerate its pace of technological innovation, especially to the modern automatic machine and the synchronous development of echoes. The current international vacuum packaging technology and equipment development trend is mainly reflected in four aspects, namely, the automation of production, adopting the new technology, single function andassembly production line. The following from the four aspects for the specific description.

1, production automation: automated vacuum packaging machine not only improves the production efficiency, but also has the advantages of safety and health.

Typ-b series rotary vacuum chamber Japan Inc production of packaging machine,packing machine is a multi position quite a high degree of automation of. This machine has a vacuum filling and 2 turntables, filling turntable has 6 stationsproviding bags, feeding, injection pre sealing, and the packages to the vacuum of the turntable; the vacuum of the turntable has 12 stations to complete theevacuation and sealing and finished product output, production efficiency of up to40 bags / points, mainly used in soft package food.

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