wire coil packaging and wire coil compactor

Fhopepack Ltd. is Chinese company which focuses on supplies of special-purpose equipment for wire coil packing, wire coil compactor... We provide technical support to our customers and have big experience in finding technical solutions to complex problems.

We used to work with Russian suppliers but now we are focused on promotion of high-quality equipment and want to start cooperation with foreign manufactures.

Therefore we kindly ask you to consider the possibility of cooperation with our wire coil packaging company. Please draw your attention at the fact that now we have challenging projects which might be helpful to start our collaboration.

So we are asking you to prepair the quotation for our company for building berth.

Below you will find the following information. Pictures attached.


If you are interested in our proposal letter for partnership, please let us know what kind of information about fhopepack-company we can put in our new website www.fhopepack.com

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