Wire coil compactor and packing machine

I hope you are doing well by the time you read this e-mail. On behalf of my team I would like to ask you the below information in order to confirm we are acquiring the right machine to our processes.

The most important information on our side to get confirmed are the ID, OD, W and Weight, can you please let us know if the FPW1000 wire coil wrapping machine covers the ranges we show you on the provided image?
As you will be able to see, we need to ensure we get a width range that goes from the 250mm to 900mm. The different products we produce have these width specifications and variations.

The strapping machine and wire compactor is able work for different with wire coil in compressing and packaging.

The plastic we use to wrap has these specifications:

ID Range 74mm until 125mm

Are we good on these ones with the GD1000?

· 440 V

We would like to ask you for the drawing of the wire coil compactor machine to project in our system how it is going to look like in our facilities and in the process. Please send us the quotation and comments to continue with the purchasing process.

Any additional comments or questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


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