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In order to avoid product damage while generating the best possible load unitization, empty PET bottles, plastic cans, metal drums, or large containers, they all require product specific packaging where focus is on finding the right balance of holding force and stability.

No matter if 6-pack bottles of beer, cans with softdrinks, or light-weight Dog containers with water, LFP has a solution to wrap this shaky pallet plenty considering their severe different versions in packaging requirements.

Especially when wrapping beverages our huge knowledge of film is essential in order to choose the right film for each packaging requirement. Certainly not the same quality as we would use for cans with beer, even though thin PET bottles with non sparkling water requires one quality of film.

At Lachenmeier we select a film which exactly meets the stability requirements, but at the same time respects the handling during transport, without compromising on product integrity.

iber energizes normally may be found in two kinds, a hardwood STRETCH wrapping machine pellet as well as a brick. Pellets are usually packaged in 40 or 50 pound plastic bags. Alternatively, in bulk bags. Bricks are normally stacked and palletized. The two goods are placed on pallets, a sizeable leading sheet or travelling bag is positioned on the tons to help you prevent the product or service from receiving wet or filthy. After taken care of, the stress is twisted with stretch film to help retain the leading sheet or case on the fill. Other purpose of the stretch place is usually to aid stabilize the load. Not the most efficient, cost effective, or best way to stabilize them, although this is the most common way of stretch wrapping machine these load types.

Using best bags and sheets to pay for the plenty is incredibly inefficient and expensive. Oftentimes it’s a guide operation, which can be time-consuming and pricey. In some cases best bags and sheets are quickly positioned on the lots with inline equipment. This type of equipment is not so reputable, on account of breeze or breezes in the plant coming the film and bags off the loads during software. More often than not, this devices turn out to be an inefficient bottleneck and is generally bypassed.stretch wrapping machine When this occurs, placing the very best bedding and/or bags over the plenty, once again gets to be a physically operation.

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