Version Reel stretch wrapper and packing

Reel Stretch Wrapping Machine

SPRW 500 This site offers a Reel Stretch Wrapping Machine. Reel Stretch Wrapping Machine is utilized for stretch film wrapping throughout the Low-weaved, coil, paper roils, silicone product and similar resources manufactured in little reels. Reel Stretch wrapping machine help with lowering of labour by automating the whole process of detaching, attaching and pressing the film. For your merchandise to be twisted, the operator merely spots the item with a change-dinner table and switches the machine to operate.


Reel Stretch Wrapping Machine is a machine created for packing Low-weaved, coil, document roils, rubber product and similar components created in small reels. This packing strategy can type a cocoon sort packing. It really is totally Humidity h2o And Dirt proof packing and products the products.


Reel Stretch Wrapping Machine is a machine made for packing Non-weaved, coil, paper roils, silicone product and similar components manufactured in tiny reels.

Reel Stretch Wrapping Machine

Technical Requirements :

Design Reel stretch wrapper SPRW-500

Maximum. Wrapping Size (L?áW?áH)(Maximum)(mm) 600×500

Wrapping Efficiency(lots/hour or so) 20-40

Turntable Velocity(rpm/min) -12

Turntable Diameter(millimeters) 70

Turntable Launching(optimum)(kg) 60

Power Requirement One Phase() 220V/50HZ

Potential(kw) .8

Film Carriage Friction Braking system Kind

Control System PCB

Top Dish Gadget NIL

Machine Body weight(kg) 150

Machine Measurement(millimeters) 1460x

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