VCI Stretch film for stainless steel and aluminum

VCI stretch film
VCI stretch film

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VCI Stretch Film is definitely an impressive corrosion suppressing vapour corrosion inhibiting (VCI) stretch film for wrapping and banding.

That is special for large metal elements stocking in shipment or storage. Our co-extruded VCI Stretch film brings together outstanding strength attributes accomplished by utilizing numerous resins in 3 distinctive 100 % pure tiers. VCI stretch motion pictures offer a affordable solution for corrosion safety of ferrous and most low-ferrous alloys. VCI Stretch film usually is wrongly identified as VCI warmth shrink film. Although usually baffled, there is a big difference in between the Stretch an Shrink Films . VCI Stretch film is actually a very stretchable plastic material film commonly made from Linear lower-occurrence polyethylene (LLDPE). It is covered close to items. The flexible healing maintains the items firmly sure. Stretch film is commonly employed to wrap products on pallets and secure them to one another and the pallet. This frequently helps to reduce products loss and discourage fill tampering. Long Lasting CORROSION SecurityThe slow-moving discharge vapour action shields the outside as well as hard-to-get to inside surface areas. As a professional manufacturer our film providing  24 weeks of long-term security for matel storage. Proper kind of stretch film able help you controll volatilization.




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