Vacuum pump motor power in coil wrapping machine


1.Lightweight construction, significantly less floor space, flexible use.

2.The temperatures control program has features of heat.

3.Exhibit, auto temperatures reducing, basic safety security etc.

4.Use mixing and injection automobile specifically, it is simple to use.

5.Adoption of oils heating system device, with secure heat and excellent reliability.

6.Adoption of consistency control of electric motor pace, is featured with large variety of mixing pace, speedy degassing, uniform combining.

Strengthened Type

1.Adoption of video clip display for operating situation, it is clear and very clear.

2.Adoption of electronic digital display vacuum gauge, with precise display.

3.Manage package remain-by yourself unit.

4.Strengthened filtration system device, substantial effect.

5.Crash alarm, it adopts security alarm lamp gadget.

6.Specific cooling down enthusiast.

Main Technical Parameters


Technical Variables

Mixing strength


Mixing speed


Vacuum pump power

1.5kw, 2800r/min

Worm gear attach jack


Vacuum degree


Permitting atmosphere force in pot


Size of mixing device


Bodyweight of blender device


Capacity of pot


Heating system power of cooking pot


Proportions of pot


Excess weight of pot


Electric powered Wire Making Machine/Pvc material,XLPE,LSZH,Nylon etc. Electrical Wire Insulating material Sheath Creating Machine/Very hot Selling Wire Producing coil wrapping Machine

? Offering level

1. Payment terms: TT, L/C, Escrow, Money

2. Shipping and delivery: inside of 30-45 days and nights

3. Warranty: 1 year

4. Packing: clear film with metallic foot represent fixing, extended remote ocean And property transport level of resistance

5. Japan & Taiwan technology, 20 or so more years encounter

? Entire herb electric wire producing machine

1.Copper coil wrapping machine and Bunching/Stranding Machine

2.PVC/PE/XLPE/PU/LSZH/Nylon Extrusion Heat retaining material Line

3.Insulated Wire Bunching/Stranding Machine

4.PVC/PE/XLPE/PU/LSZH/Nylon Extrusion Sheath Line

5.Coiling/Winding Machine and so forth.

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