Are you looking for new or used stretch packaging machines? Stretch packaging equipment is made by stretch packaging. Stretch the wrapping paper to apply the film to the original length of the stretched film up to 300% of the film. Once the film is wrapped on the product and the force of the stretched film no longer exists, the film does not stretch or shrink to the vicinity of the normal length of the film.

The length of the film in the packaging results more closely together, in a tight package shrink effect. Stretch the packaging equipment is the most commonly used tray or slippery on the product or container. Multi-layer stretch film, get a piece of packaging to withstand the amazing transport skateboard or product.semi automatic stretch packaging equipment tray for packing the stretch film around the tray product in addition to the initial part of the pallet tray and cutting, once the tray is stretched All the features of the package.

Automatic stretch packaging machine will automatically feed tray products for packaging, packaging tray stretch film, discharge completely wrapped tray. Determine the proper application of the stretch packaging device to understand the maximum weight of the tray to be packed, the maximum diameter of the packaging tray, the maximum diameter of the tray, or the sliding of the product in the tray type, and the package will be used for this package surroundings.

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