upender having an outstanding description

[0032] resolved towards the spinning frame 5 has two tires in the structure 6, body 6 two rollers arranged symmetrically. A plurality of rollers 7 Motion from the roller around the structure 6 are arranged at least two series, and curler 7 from the family member place in every row. As shown, the roller frame 6 can be arranged in two rows on the roller 7, each row 5 is provided with a roller 7.

According to the actual production needs to move for a variety of occasions flipping job requirements, [0033] Compared with the prior art, the present upender provides an automatic upender turning machine, the motor output torque is transmitted to the drive wheel through the sprocket, the drive wheel and the rotating frame by engaging tooth structure, its simple structure, the stability of flip operation, torque transmission and high reliability; rotation relative to the fixed frame rack for 360 ?? continuous flip, and.

[0034] The above sketches, the current upender with an exemplary information of implementation from the innovation is undoubtedly not limited from the earlier mentioned-detailed way, provided that the approach of utilizing the very idea of the creation along with other modifications in the technical remedy, with or without development The idea of the current upender is immediately appropriate to many other specialized remedies and applications, and they are inside the extent of defense from the invention.

The application version discloses an car area structure repairing welding upender. The vehicle area framework fixing welding upender includes a base, wherein a machine package is set up on the basic, a traveling engine is set up within the machine package and is also linked with a velocity-difference system within a transmission function, an electric power productivity shaft in the rate-variance device is vertically provided with an overturning transverse left arm, two aspect frame help rods which are set up in opposite instructions are sleeved in the overturning transverse arm, both sides framework help rod is supplied with a area structure support rod sealing device, and area body sealing devices are respectively set up in the inside sides, in complete opposite recommendations, from the part frame assist rods. Along side it body help rods are positioned and adjusted, a workpiece is positioned around the area frame help rod and is also locked and positioned from the aspect body locking products, the driving motor unit begins and manages the overturning transverse arm to swivel from the rate-variation system, the overturning transverse left arm brings the side structure support rods to spin, along side it framework help rods push one side frame to swivel, and the intention of openly and flexibly altering a aspect framework is obtained. The car part framework restoring welding upender can do empowering the side framework to easily turn at 360 diplomas, meets the fixing welding prerequisite, and improves restoring welding quality and work effectiveness.

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