upender by having an exemplary information for steel coil packing

[0020] The following detailed description with reference to the accompanying drawings according to the present utility model exemplary embodiments. Here, note that, in the drawings, the same reference numerals will be given substantially the same configurations and functions of components, and in order to more concise specification is omitted on substantially the same part of the redundant description.

[0021] Figure 1, Shape 2 and Body 3, the car upender flick part structure fix welding machine includes a bottom I, I said base 7 is mounted on the chassis, the chassis 7 is installed within the travel motor 2, The power of the push engine 2 is attached to result terminal of the transmitting switching gadget, said shifting signifies contains a generate motor unit 2, explained strength productivity terminal linked to the drive transmission 3, the ability transmitting 3 is associated with result terminal in the drive worm equipment Worm equipment drive signifies, mentioned worm gear and mentioned transmitting gear means consists of an electrical power production terminal 3 attached to a worm products 41, the worm equipment 41 meshes with worm equipment 42, the worm products 42 supplied about the strength production shaft 43, said strength result shaft 43 is attached to a vertically extending to each side of your turn arm 5, the turning arm 5 has two offers aside framework into the opening of your area frame strut 6, the side structure assistance lever 6 is attached to the strut to the side structure 6 of the locking arm 5 in said flick aspect structure strut around the sealing signifies, said side frame strut comprises securing implies disposed inside the part structure strut 6 and 5 from the change arm 61 involving the locking fingers wheel; 2 of along side it facing the inside of body strut 6 is also a area frame securing implies, stated aspect frame mounted on stated locking signifies comprises 6 part body strut securing attach 62, the sealing screw 62 stretching with the area frame strut 6.

According to the size of the side frame side frame strut 6 adjust the position of the handwheel to make ends handwheel screw extrusion on the flip arm 5 to reach the side frame strut 6 positioning purposes , the workpiece placed on the side frame strut 6, so that the two opposed side frame strut 6 set against the outside of the side frame extrusion through a rectangular area of , [0022] The shape of the side frame structure of the vehicle upender shown in Figure 4, has a rectangular central portion of the side frame side frame hole, the side frame can be supported on the side frame strut hole 6, the supporting position of the vehicle upender side frame; Figures 2 and shown in Figure 3? ?both reverse sides, tighten up the sealing attach 62, the securing the screw 62 for the extrusion end of the side structure against the inner area frame, the side framework positioned on the side body strut avoid moving on 6; start off the push motor 2, the push engine 2 via a belt and pulley strength transmission 3 is transmitted on the , the strength production of the transmitting 3 using a belt and pulley generate relationship with the worm 41, the strength transmission 3 attached to the productivity is smaller than the diameter from the pulley from the worm 41 is linked with the size in the pulley, to ensure the transmitting potential productivity 3 by the end in the rotational rate transported towards the worm gear 41, worm 41 exchanges ability to the worm tire 42, the worm items 42 to drive rotation of the potential production shaft 43, the ability production shaft 43 to get flick arm 5 rotates, flip horizontal arm 5 is pushed by rotation from the side framework strut 6 , part body strut 6 powered aspect framework rotation, the freedom and flexibility to alter to obtain the reason for along side it body; This power permits the change area body 360 ? ?degrees of freedom, to meet the requirements welding maintenance, improve the efficiency and quality of welding repair to make sure that the job individual protection, developing significant financial positive aspects.

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