Upender and tilt for coil and mold


More information for the titler and upender


Packaging and wrapping equipment professionals manufacturer behind Fhope products are special designed for touch packaging solutions, which is help to protecting the load. Their products will be well protected in stand out. That’s the reason manufacture attending to PACK EXPO each year. You can look some tips at a few things shown at PACK EXPO.

Reducing the cost of handling molding and operation has been an important point for all manufacturers. For large quantity, it is especially true for automatic handling, what kind of packaging and wrapping for the coil and pallet is required.

Fhopepack technology is moving “up market,” which is good enough to be used for pallet and coil products. The basic wrapping designing including forming and wrapping uniquely per your demand. It is packing for roll-fed sheet and coil that is typically polypropylene. These operation and handling proceed immediately to wrapping and covering the bubble file.  According to packaging goal many people pack 50-60 pcs per hour online. It can be produced, filled, and wrapping. And now Fhopepack is producing all kind of coil packaging solution with labels and tapping . It is specifically for coil and tube produced on this online system.

The coil wrapper not only have automatic centering device, molder, upender, but also the strapping and stacking from, which the coil and orbital wrapper are formed uses less plastic material and film. Thus, the advantage of the system for upending and packing is significant stretch wrapper. We are providing equipement with additional advantage. It is that the equipment allows easy operation and safety stetching.

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