upender an ideal embodiment of the coil clamping

3 embodiment

[0014] Shape 1 demonstrates a schematic prohibit diagram of your provide upender, Body 2 shows a left side look at Body 1. The transforming system displayed within the embodiment from the spinning body 1, the sprocket 2, the electric engine 5, along side it assist 6, the foot of the help 7, the lifting trolley 8, the clamp 10, the clamp 11, which a chain 2 is fixed for the spinning body 1 , the reduced jig 10 along with the clamp 11 is fixed on the within the turning entire body 1, the job, to swivel together with the revolving system. 6 and a underside part help struts 7 to provide help to the spinning body 1. Weightlifting trolley 8 is installed on top of the track 9.

[0015] work, it will be having a bogie several spaces 3 using the original gadget force the elevate station and parked the vehicle 8, lift up up the vehicle 8 bogie carriages 3 and 4 lead to the clamping place, with After that fixture 10 along with the uppr clamping fixture 11 spaces 3, forklifts 8 downward 3 and bogie several different spaces, and transformed the auto structure 4 8 falls downward, together with the weightlifting trolley 8 drops underneath the floor, switch on the carriage 3 is changed situation, complete the related operate, will train 3 change back in spot, picking up up the vehicle 8, bogie several undertake carriage 3, release the clamp on the reduce clamp 10 and ll, forklifts 8 Reset kick off compartment 3. [0016] From the current upender, an accumulation two rotating body, the electric motor using a engine may also be used two, respectively, to supply power for each revolving entire body, the extended member, the quantity of the revolving physique may be 2 or more. In the present upender, is used between the motor and the rotating sprocket body, but also for gears, steel, other and belts transmission mode.

The innovation discloses an automatic upender comprising a motor (1), a chain wheel (2), a traveling tire (3), a set carrier (4), a spinning rack (5), curler racks (6), rollers (7), a driven wheel (8) and a spinning wheel (9), whereby the chain wheel (2) is arranged among an productivity shaft of the engine (1) as well as a revolving shaft from the driving tire (3) and is also employed for transferring moment result by the motor unit (1) to the driving a car wheel (3) so as to drive the traveling wheel (3) to swivel; the revolving carrier (5) is rotatably established about the resolved rack (4) with the driving a vehicle tire (3), the pushed wheel (8) and the spinning tire (9); the traveling tire (3) rotates so as to generate the spinning holder (5) to turn comparatively towards the set rack (4); at least two roller shelves (6) are fixed on the revolving holder (5); as well as a plurality of rollers (7) are organized about the roller racks (6). According to actual requirements, the automatic upender has a simple structure, upending work stability and high moment transmission reliability; and an upending angle can be controlled.

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