upender an ideal embodiment of the clamping

[0005] The current upender is really a revolving physique, can be two, or more than two.

[0006] The current upender is really a clamping product on the rotary system, when operating alongside the rotation of the spinning physique.

[0007] The current upender also consists of lifting method for raising indicates created with the lifting trolley, the trolley is equipped with weightlifting track.

[0008] The current upender is really a revolving entire body with a electric motor through a sequence travel, or through gears, steel, other and belts transmission indicates.

[0009] The current upender an ideal embodiment of the clamping device is for taking straight clamping for handbook clamping, the clamping product are situated in the


[0010] The present upender has the main advantage of little sizing; efficiency, manufacturing preparation time is brief; dependability is substantial, as is also the band framework, the anxiety express is excellent, very little movement, basic servicing; no main good quality of cellular devices easy to obtain okay manage; safety is useful, the body flanked by an annular construction will not be because of structural failing caused by your body for personal damage; with the change in the push system could be fully initial, the very first generation series without having main adjustments, inexpensive; permits online inversion.


[0011] These accompanying drawings and embodiments of your current upender will be more described. [0012] Physique 1 is a schematic architectural take a look at the current upender. [0013] Shape 2 is really a kept area view of Body 1.

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