upender an ideal embodiment from the clamping

[0005] The current upender is a turning entire body, could be two, or more than two.

[0006] The current upender is actually a clamping system in the rotary body, when operating along with the rotation from the revolving system.

[0007] The present upender also comprises weightlifting means for weightlifting indicates created from the raising trolley, the trolley comes with lifting path.

[0008] The current upender is a revolving physique by a engine via a sequence drive, or via equipment, other, steel and belts transmission signifies.

[0009] The current upender a preferred embodiment of your clamping device is for taking direct clamping for guide clamping, the clamping device are found in the


[0010] The present upender has the main benefit of little sizing; effectiveness, manufacturing prep time is quick; stability is high, as it is the engagement ring construction, the worries condition is very good, very little movements, easy servicing; no key quality of smart phones very easy to accomplish great manage; safety is good, your body encompassed by an annular composition will not be because of architectural malfunction brought on by your body for private injuries; throughout the alteration in the push process may be totally authentic, the very first creation collection without major alterations, low priced; allows online inversion.


[0011] The subsequent accompanying embodiments and drawings in the provide upender is going to be additional defined. [0012] Physique 1 is a schematic architectural take a look at the present upender. [0013] Figure 2 is a kept area take a look at Figure 1.

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