upender a preferred embodiment for coil clamping

As professed in claim 5, in which the automatic upender switching machine, recognized for the reason that the roller body (6) established on two series of rollers (7), every single row 5 is provided with rollers (7).

Information converted from China

A computerized upender converting machine


[0001] The current upender refers to technical career fields, especially to set a computerized upender switching machine.


[0002] With the advance of industrial production, flipping machine able to adapt products, parts flip requirements in order to achievesafe and stable, effectively providing technology transportation, which are widely used in metallurgy, stamping, sheet metal,mold and paper, frozen , coil, coil, other, strip and barrel industries. Change Turn machine throughout functioning, turn perspective manage, change work steadiness factors including torque transmission stability is a crucial measure of efficiency indications upender switching machine.

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