tyre packingmachine is higher than the length of equipment

As professed in assert I wherein the wheel packing machine, characterized because mentioned tread lift device (4), contains a vertical direction of the two cylinders are connected in sequence, the top of the the tube (18) together with the rack (I) attached, and also the decrease cylinder (18 ‘) is linked to a horizontal information rail (19), horizontal side rails (19) is placed on two sliders (20), slide (20) movable coupled horizontal rails (19) glide, the slip ( 20) mounted on a wheel given inwardly turn pawl (21).

5 as outlined by assert I wherein the tire tyre packing machine, distinguished in that mentioned outside bonding means (5) includes two symmetrically arranged arm (22), left arm (22) attached to the uppr finish from a shaft Rack (I), the left arm (22) attached to a cheaper knife holder (23), two arm (23) around the holder (23) in accordance with urgent, the tool brain (23) is provided with 3 guideline lines , every manual groove are respectively attached to the bezel (24) or heating system the sticky dish (25), baffle (24) and the heating the adhesive plate (25) – both stops from a spring (26) attached to the underside of your guide groove, tyre packingmachine is greater than the length of the warming the adhesive platter (25) long, each and every knife owner (23) is equipped with two heating the sticky plate (25), can also be mounted on the cutting blade blade (27) , shear blade (27) positioned involving the two heating system the sticky plate (25), in between two device go (23) relative to the job of pressing means in wheel bundle (3) beams (16) below the maximum place.

As professed in declare I whereby the wheel packing machine, characterized in that mentioned flange signifies (6) makes up two symmetrically disposed mounting foundation (28), installation foundation (28) from the picking up attach (29) mounted mailing indicates within the straight foundation tire (9), the two mounting platform (28) signifies are located in just two parallel vertical tire shipping chain (11) either side from the installing program (28) is installed on the auxiliary framework (30 ), auxiliary body (30) installed using the centre guideline shaft (31), the manual shaft (31) is installed on movable along the guideline shaft (31) the slipping bracket (32), push the bracket (32) is provided having a plurality guide shaft (31) because the center outward in a information groove (33), auxiliary framework (30) from the manual groove (33) is attached a related position strut (34), the manual groove (33) is fitted along the inside guide grooves (33) slidably movable prevent, the movable prohibit is attached to the active lever (35), the active handle (35) – end from the movable prohibit through the shaft connection, the lively lever (35) by way of a shaft and also the midsection strut tyre packaging machine is attached , flange indicates (6) installed on the foundation further includes (9) situated on the promoting signifies tyre packing machine underneath the enthusiast (36).

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