Tyre packing machine comprising with frame

According to tyre packing machine any one of tyre packing machines l-9 automatic tire packing tyre packing machines, characterized in that said conveying section is provided below the chain wheel nylon slider, a process.

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Automated tire packing machine

Technological innovation

[0001] The tyre packaging machine pertains to a tire packing machine, intelligent tire especially relates to a packaging machine.


[0002] Pre-existing wheel tire for handbook packing machine packing machine, mostly from the conveyor, the hold and the production components. Function, the first tire in the packaging host, click on the electric motor begin option, Wrapping electric motor and travel buckle tire rotation motor functioning, will likely be manufactured with a level covered across the tire surface area, product and trademarks detection must personally paste the whole Lastly then loaded tires and place them in designated places within the arrange.

[0003] The automatic packaging machine tire, although indeed a progressive, but in actual use only to find their structure there are a number of disadvantages, resulting in the automatic packaging machine in the practical application of the tire, the failure to achieve the best effect of the use, and its disadvantages can be summarized as follows:

[0004] 1, in order to avoid the conveyor chain due to its own weight and the tire pressure drop, to be laid under the support of the chain angle iron, but in the long transport process, the support brackets and the wear between the chain and gradually increased, easily lead to breaking the chain, so that the tire does not ensure accurate positioning stops caused by squeezing each other, and after breaking the chain badly worn and can not be reused. [0005] 2, wrapping of condition control is set by wrapping the upper curved decrease dish, re-usage of gravity reduce platen friction resistance to accomplish. Can not effectively control the operation of wrapping tray, while the wrapping paper can not be gradually reduced as the corresponding adjustment position of the tape can easily cause confusion, even though in the case of packaging high-speed rotation, the control method is not only noise. Changing the wrapping papers, you need a greater room and many the lower platen rotation of equipment together with the overall appearance is not conducive for the gadget, difficult to install and sustain.

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