tyre packing machine comprising a structure

[0003] Even so, the current loop packaged throughout the body typically only suited to tyre packaging machine for example metallic, difficult stainlesss steel as well as other offers of the supplies, but for the wheel including the soft fabric is just not suited to the package, the This material smoother wheel bundle inside the rotation procedure is susceptible to distortion, whipping phenomenon, to ensure that can make starting swivels all around wheel bundle also reduce or as well restricted when difficulties impacting the grade of tyre packing machine and packaging appearance.

Practical new content

[0004] For the earlier mentioned-talked about insufficiencies in the preceding craft, the utility model to solve the technical concern is to supply a wheel throughout the packaging process to prevent the deformation or defeating tire specifically for a tyre packaging machine packaging.

[0005] In order to solve the above technical problem, the present invention adopts the following technical solution:

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