tyre packing machine comprising a structure

(2) as professed in declare 1, wherein the tire packing machine, described in that: stated drive system contains a motor, explained motor unit set to said structure, stated motor by way of a belt and attached to the strength curler.

According to claim 1, wherein the tire packing machine, characterized in that, 3: stated stress curler through a pneumatic tube connected with stated frame.

DESCRIPTION interpreted from China

Wheel tyre packing machine


The invention relates to a tyre packaging machine, in particular relates to a tyre packaging machine for wheel package deal. Backdrop

Tyre wrapping machine Numerous annulus-molded things for example wire, cable ring body,wire and strip, and so on., while in manufacturing, transport process, typically have to be bundled with thepackage and packaging, which may be more convenient for handling and move . Ring body wrapped around existing tyre packaging machine mechanism comprises a rack, the rack is provided with openings swivel, swivel opening is provided for winding Packaging tape feed tray, the opening swivel the outer peripheral surface provided with a plurality, and the opening swivel tangent support wheels, the group support wheels via the drive belt around in the group support wheel is provided with a number of momentum wheels, can be driven in the group support all round support wheel rotation, because the opening swivel wheels with full support of the group tangent, so when the support wheel rotates, swivels openings will rotate, currently packaging of this ring body wrapped around the ring body mainly tyre packaging machine for packaging. During packaging, just engagement ring system of the package deal to the center of the launching deal tyre packaging middle aligned swivel, fixed to just one finish from the tyre packaging machine with adhesive tape of the package deal, then change the deal of your opening although spinning the deal by the related travel implies member is rotated, in order that the deal might be packed.

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