tyre packing machine comprising a frame

[0003] However, the actual loop packaged throughout the physique normally only suited to tyre packaging machine such as steel, hard steel along with other bundles of such components, and for the tire like the soft material will not be appropriate for the deal, the This material gentler wheel bundle inside the rotation method is prone to distortion, overcoming phenomenon, to ensure tends to make opening up swivels all around tire package as well free or way too tight when difficulties influencing the caliber of tyre packing machine and packaging physical appearance.

Practical new content material

[0004] For that previously mentioned-described deficiencies of the before art work, the power product to eliminate the practical concern is to provide a tire through the packaging procedure to stop the deformation or beating tire especially for a tyre packaging machine packaging.

In order to solve the above technical problem, the present invention adopts the following technical solution, [0005]:

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