tyre packaging machine with the present auto equipment

[0046] Remember to make reference to Physique 2 with Physique 9, the front area in the tire 25 by picking up the left arm 28 and also the fixed shaft 281 set to the packing machine on a major body 29, the conclusion of your package deal, elevating the arm 28 inside the tube 282 powered by rotation about a fixed axis 281, and lift the front side tire 25, that will number two wheels 5 take deal, in the production keep track of 3. The application newest automated tire tyre packing machine, into the wheels, positioning, gripping and packaging decals company logo, the full process of the womb smart handle, auto completion, and ultizing three common set orientation, placing precision is high, these devices operates steadiness, environmental defense,use and installation, routine maintenance is simple to discover, totally symbolizes the attributes of human the outdoors. As well as the understanding of technical components, pneumatic components and power elements rational allocation, minimizing waste, enhance tyre packaging efficiency of the wheel, about 25 mere seconds to complete the whole packaging method, packaging shape consistent visual appeal, on wrapping document features, wheels no special requirements specifications, ideal for wide spread out use.

6 [0048] above, the utility model is only the preferred embodiments only, not for the utility model to make any formal restrictions, although the utility model has been disclosed to the preferred embodiment above, anyone familiar with the professional skills personnel, when available reveal the technical content of the above make little changes or modifications as would equal the equivalent embodiments are part of this utility model is still within its program.

The tyre packaging machine discloses a tyre packing machine, which consists of a straight tyre providing system. A tyre work surface wrapping device, a tyre interior engagement ring connecting unit and a preparing and tightening product are sequentially arranged around the top to bottom tyre providing product along the tyre giving path. A tyre raising gadget of the tyre packing machine can be used positioning a tyre, the requirement of the setting situation of a materials provided by a providing system is very low, the joints of packing tapes on the surface of the tyre is quick, and the joint is simply situated at a specific position about the external periphery of your tyre; the prospect of breakage of your tyre within the carrying process is lowered, packing aesthetic sensation is promoted, tiny packing spend is generated, the usage amount of any packing substance is great, and the packing price is very low; by modifying the level from the tyre packing device, the tyre packing machine can be used packing tyres with some other dimensions which is robust in compatibility; through two warming bonding dishes over a instrument sleep and an annular warm knife from the inner ring connecting product, charm in the connecting surface area is ensured; and thru the cooking and tightening up system, the packing tapes are firmly linked to the top of the tyre, and packing firmness and tightness are enhanced.

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