tyre packaging machine strives to beat the existing automatic packaging machine

[0006] 3, the reduced-pressure control and size modification, the first tire width into a repaired importance developed in the PLC system, after which manage equidistance strategy, and many kinds of the tire in to the angle and position are certainly not always as a result very likely to lead to baby charge cards, or clamping, urgent enough.

[0007] 4, the completion of your uterus activity, by artificial progressive wrapping document packaging can carry on operating, mixture content label paper should certainly even be carried out by hand, lower amount of mechanization, packaging efficiency is not higher, not simply the consumption of time and resources, will not be favorable to minimize expenses, there may be employees who

Body protection risk.

[0008] Therefore, the typical automated wheel tyre packing machine from the construction and make use of of, certainly there is still annoying and flaws, and urgently to get further more increased. The development of a fetus into the clamping, positioning and packaging out of the womb fully automatic, highly mechanized, intelligent control, improve efficiency, reduce costs, more conducive to safety and environmental protection, new tires automatic packaging machine structure, is in the field currently one of the important research and development topics, but also the current industry badly in need of improvement goals.

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[0009] The current tyre packaging machine aspires to conquer the present intelligent packaging machine wheel flaws, and to provide a innovative setup of intelligent wheel packing machine, the technical difficulty to become solved is to make it to the wheel, the grip, positioning and packaging from the womb totally auto, very mechanized, clever management, enhance performance, minimize costs, a lot more favorable to protection and environment security, and so considerably better for useful.

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