Turn coil upender Machine Hydraulic Communicate

According to the upender provides a upender, hydraulic servomotor upender machine comprises a frame, front arm, front flip hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic cylinders and rear after flipping arm, right down to the frame, respectively, with hydraulic front flip After flipping the cylinder base and hydraulic base; said front and rear arm hinged arm were active in the rack midline; flip the front right side of the hydraulic cylinder hydraulic cylinder Activities hinged front flip on the base, left Activities hinged front lower arm; said right after the event hinged flip hydraulic cylinder hydraulic cylinder in the base after upender on the left arm after the event hinged on the bottom, [0008].

[0009] stated framework consists of 4 help columns, in between the support line and the reduced connecting rod via a connecting rod, linking rod finishes in the higher dish are coupled to the left and right pallets. Stated entrance left arm incorporates a support plate and also the spinning arm, stated turning left arm coupled to the back finish from the assistance dish, said support dish is L-designed, both ends from the revolving arm with a rotation pit. After the change of your ahead arm and arm construction symmetry.

[0010] The upender on the prior artwork provides the subsequent benefits: The upender simple and compact structure, sensible; left arm twice making use of two change the workpiece 90 ??, to communicate the flip method to finish a 180 ?? turn the workpiece , chain hoist solve the difficulties through the traveling boundaries, a wide range of styles to turnover the workpiece; hold the workpiece immediately from the shift left arm, as the sequence will not generate such a adaptable trembling. Easy to run, smooth flick the workpiece, the workpiece will never generate problems; boost employee efficiency, decrease effort strength.

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