Trouble shooting for the profile packing line

Dear Dileesh and Ratheesh,

Good day.

1. sucking
There are several reasons affect the sucking performance.
A.Suck broken, air leakage
B.Movable drag chain will probable make the wire of magnetic valve.
C.Please make the every suck on the same level, make sure the sucks flatness.
D.Make sure the external air source stability.
E.The suck pressure adjustment.
Please kindly check the above points and find the reason.

2.sealing and cutting
The performance is affected by the temperature, speed, sealing time, film material, item height and so on. The machine is required to clean the waste and maintain regularly.
We will test your shrinking film with our cutter, and the results and improvement solution will be sent you as soon as possible.

We have prepared the new tubes for free change. It’s a kind of consumable items.
The curtain has good warm keeping effect. If it’s short, the outside cold air will go into the tunnel
and result in slow heating and temperature instability.

4.the staking
We will provide the conveyor to replace the stacking machine as last discussion free of charge. Please confirm, we will arrange design and manufacture.

5.the whole packing line
We suggest it’s important and required reasonable operation and timely maintenance. Professional technicians, deep understanding, adaptive adjustment by the real site condition timely. We will try our best to help you with our hearts.


Horizontal stretch wrapper can be a part of profile packing line

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