Transferred type steel coil packaging line

The utility design discloses a moved kind coil wrapping machine, comprising a holder system plus a metallic coil carrying system set up ahead of the rack system. The moved type coil product packaging machine is distinguished for the reason that the carrier system comprises two holder rails, a rack, two mechanical biceps and triceps, two manipulators and packing material coils, wherein the holder is arranged about the carrier side rails; both mechanized hands are set up on top part of the holder and will retract and extend synchronously; both manipulators are set up on moving ways of the technical arms and can relocate synchronously; the wrapping material coils are resolved about the manipulators; and also the stainlesss steel coil carrying system makes up two having rails as well as a coil carrying trolley arranged around the hauling rails. The moved kind coil packing machine fixes the packing difficulties of ultra and large-vast variety metal plate coils with the diameter of over 1000mm, the size greater than 2000mm along with the weight of over 10000kg, as well as the equipment has a lot less putting in power, reduced manufacturing cost, significantly less entertained property and full-intelligent control.

An approach of delivering fashion page packing devices, for example the holder system and the installation of solutions in a carrier before coil delivery service system, whereby the system includes two rack rail carrier installed in a carrier on the holder rails , mounted in addition to the holder and to connect both telescopic arm, rollers attached to the arm and will be shifted in synchronization of the two robots fixed to the packing material coil around the robot; delivery system consists of two of mentioned coil company attached to the carriage rail songs and move volumes in the automobile.

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