top look at a part of the stretch wrapping machine

According to the present invention, a dispenser is provided for dispensing and stretching packaging material. As demonstrated in Fig. 1, the dispenser contains stretch cover dispenser 102, together with a mast 104, a roll carriage of stretch wrapping machine, and a belt and motor travel 108 for up and down positioning roll dispenser 106 on mast 104 to spirally cover the stress. Roll carriage 106 might include a frame 110, a film roll assistance 112 and many different rollers 114, perhaps such as prestretch rollers, to position, distribute, and stretch a packaging materials this sort of stretch cover film 116 simply being dispensed from stretch place film roll 118. Several other packaging materials like netting, banding and strapping or adhesive tape bring well.

The apparatus includes means for providing relative rotation between the dispenser and the load to wrap packaging material around the load, according to the present invention. As shown in Fig. 1, the path for providing general rotation contains a motor powered turntable 120 mounted on bottom 122 to turn fill 124 of fill devices 126 in regards to a vertical axis 128.

Additionally, the path for offering relative rotation in between the dispenser and also the fill can include an layout wherein the film dispenser revolves around the stress, in order that the orbital stretch wrapper dispenser could be transported by way of a engagement ring or left arm or other agreement. The relative rotation may occur about a vertical axis as shown for pallet loads. Alternatively, may occur around a horizontal axis for bundling operations.


According to one aspect of the invention, a retainer is provided for holding a leading end of the packaging material while initially wrapping the load, and for automatically releasing the packaging material in response to unpowered actuation.


As shown in Fig. 1, the retainer incorporates a gripper clamp 130, which is demonstrated in greater detail by Figs. 2 via 5. Gripper clamp 130 is visible to incorporate an elongated fellow member for example hose 132 possessing a leading platter 133 welded to just one end of hose 132 to form a single jaw 134, along with a rod 131 slidable inside hose 132 and welded to a second dish 135 to make a 2nd jaw 136 such that jaws 136 and 134 have opposing areas that will clamp packaging material between the two which will help prevent movements of your packaging fabric in accordance with the jaws.

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