To get over the weak points from the preceding by upender

[0006] Another object of the present invention to provide an automatic upender machines and upender method by using double cylinder support and cushion design can effectively avoid vibrations occur in other flip machines and vehicles in the job displacement problems.

[0007] An additional thing in the existing technology is usually to produce an auto upender machine and turn turn strategy by using two-monitor layout, both is possible can turn right (not switched, specifically) work.

[0008] To get the earlier mentioned and also other objects, the current invention provides an automatic upender machine for your PCBA cars having automatic rollover, along with change buildings, which include a minimum of:

[0009] products, set for both ends from the machine quickly change to the service provider from the very first exchange orbit through the flip aspect from the front door generate on the other part of the generate, the automobile flipped once the secondly transfer Rail move out;

[0010] sealing means disposed around the aspect complete opposite for the initially inlet of your reversing machine conveyor monitor to perform your vehicle to turnover on the reverse area of the inlet on the fasten;

In order to run the vehicle to flip to the opposite side of the inlet opening is locked, pressed down to the carrier level, for support the vehicle when the vehicle flipped, [0011] Cylinder module disposed above the reversing machine in the first conveying track.

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