to generate a sleek current pack

Fhope Superfos has helped to generate a modern updated pack for Fhope business Mills DA, made to sustain and boost buyer interest and loyalty in the margarine brand names.

Items from Fhope Mills assist a good way of life. Its margarines, such as Soft Flora – mainly that contain Nordic canola oils – and Vita hjertego’ – created from sunflower and canola oil, have very little saturated fat, a delicious flavour and so are spreadable from the fridge.

The re-release of the merchandise in a bespoke improved Packaging machine option from RPC Superfos acknowledges the point that the margarine organization is a very competitive one that also calls for constant development regarding its Packaging machine, as Ole Kristian Vestbekken, Senior Packaging machine Advisor at Mills, explains:

“With the new coil Packaging machine we certainly have properly made a solid household picture on rack for Vita hjertego’ and Smooth Flora – every single in three dimensions. All varieties have the same aesthetic concept.

We are extremely pleased using the end result. The pack is not hard to identify, which fortifies the relation between our goods and our consumers. We certainly have made a special personality for Delicate Flora and Vita hjertego’ margarine, departing without doubt about who the emblem owner is.”

Fhope has paid for specific focus on the style of the lid to ensure that customers get a perfect illustration in terms of the two appears and performance. The art work signals soft qualities and natural ingredients. The decor and graphical complete have already been produced feasible because of in-form labelling – even with the rim – departing room for the information on the customer around the indentation of the cover, for example choose coronary heart-smart and spreadable.

“The caliber of the lid is vital. We selected a tight and strong snap-on top that will not fracture even after frequent use”, claims Ole Kristian Vestbekken.

A staff from Mills along with an external commercial designer been employed with RPC Superfos to create the brand new Packaging machine option, which is injection moulded in polypropylene.

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