this machine and horizontal stretch

Scope of application: particles, mixed material
New horizontal stretch wrapping machine technology: the use of the latest international technology, automatic feeding valve technology, absorb the advanced treatment technology of microcomputer program control, can guarantee the single bucket feeding time shortest, realize the double bucket uninterrupted filling, alternating double bucket weighing. Bagging, unloading at the same time measuring material, save the operation time of 1/2. The operation is more simple and intuitive.
System composition: mainly by the filling device, double bucket weighing bucket, pneumatic bagclamping device, weighing control system etc..
Material: contact parts of this machine and  horizontal stretch wrapping machine material all use stainless steel (label: 304), corrosion resistant, durable.
Technical parameters:
Type HE-SZL-50:?
1 measurement methods: weighing hopper automatic weighing (double)
2: film keyboard interface
3 packing range: 10-50kg
4 packaging accuracy: less than 0.5%
5 filling speed: 600-800bags/h
6 power: 220V0.1kw
The whole area: the installation diagram shall prevail, can design according to the customer site
Biological organic fertilizer, fertilizer, control fertilizer, grain and feed, additives, chemical industry etc.
Application: package material bag clamping device suitable for textile bags, paper bags, sacks, bags, plastic bags etc.
New technology: control processing technology uses advanced computer, stepless frequency control, simple operation, speed, accuracy is greatly improved. The double helix three speed, force feeding, both the dual requirements of speed and accuracy, high efficiency, wide range of filling  horizontal stretch wrapping machine packaging, stable operation, simple maintenance.
System composition: This product is made of double screw filling device, a bag clamping device and a weighing control system.
Material: the material contact part adopts 304 stainless steel, to improve corrosion resistance.
Technical parameters:
Name: automatic quantitative weighing powder double helix packing machine
Model: HE-LX-50
Weighing range: 10-50kg
The filling speed: 3-10 tons / hour (depending on the proportion of materials and packaging specifications set)
Packaging accuracy: less than 0.2%-0.5%?
Power: 380V? 2.25kw
Weight: 450kg
Machine size: 770*1400*1825

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