This coil packing machine pertains to steel coil master

All of the elements which has been detailed, jointly comprise a total machine prevent which might be easily mounted on or unattached in the structure of your principal coil packing machine, a section 312 in which is demonstrated in FIG. 9, by means of large mounting bolts 313 which extend by way of close up fitting openings 314 in your body of your machine with all the bolt brain if at all possible sitting down inside a kitchen counter-sunk pit 316. The structure 280 has preciseness tapped slots 317 to receive the mounting bolts 313. Even though the machine disables as shown and described in these FIGS. 11, 9 and l0 and also in another numbers already explained, are somewhat heavy, the inner surface is machined so it might be fitted in precisely installed contact with theouter surface of the coil packing machine entire body, and merely a couple of the heavy bolts above described are essential to keep up it in the correct regards to other aspects of the coil packing machine.

It will be noted that the sprockets such as 286, 291 and 310, with their mountings all project beyond the inner surface of the frame, but they are not close to the side’of the frame 230 and extend into the opening in the body of the machine and can thus readily be driven by motors located inside the machine body.

Talking about FIG. 12, there is in this article explained a sign up manage mechanism which will certainly be described:

Device in coil packing machine represents an online which might have insignia printed thereon, one particular simply being mentioned at 201. If the insignia become slightly out of register, the electric eye mechanism 203 will immediately actuate the relay which will act in the usual manner through the control circuits and will cause one or the other of the switches 204 and 205 to be energized and electric current to be conducted either to solenoid 206 or to solenoid 207, as the case may be, though if the insignia, of which it will be understood there is a very large number, uniformly spaced along the web, pass a predetermined spot 202 at the proper interval, the electric eye will not actuate the relay circuit. If solenoid 206 is actuated, dog 210 locks dog ring 211, if solenoid 207 is actuated, a dog 208 is pushed into the notches of the dog ring 209 and locks it against turning, or.

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