Things cable wrapping machine Masters Should Teach You

It is crystal clear in the previously mentioned how the existing method of coping with line and cable for strength transmitting is associated to troubles at virtually all steps of the dealing with procedure. As a result this brings about great extra costs for installing line and cable. There is certainly therefore an excellent need for providing a totally new, unitary method for dealing with cable, line and stuff like that from coiling to coil wrapping machine from the production line, at least to uncoiling on-site. Solving problems in one of the stages gives only marginal effect. Alternatively, may create new problems or accentuate problems in the other stages.

The object of the present invention is to provide a new method of manufacturing and packing a coil of a continuous flexible object of the type described, such as cable, line and the like for power telecommunication and distribution, and a new system of handling the cable, line or the like, which method and system eliminate the conventional wooden drums and thus the remarkably many problems and drawbacks caused by their use, and also results in valuable advantages and plus effects in all stages of handling from manufacture of the coil to recovery of scrap line if applicable.

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