The utility product pertains to an coil upender

[0006] rail holder placed on the holder;

[0007] The information rails along with the structure is mounted a attach;

[0008] The top installing rail carrier cooperating with said screw, motivated by its rotating engines;

[0009] U-convert is installed on side rails and with mentioned screw with the electric motor and the attach is possible in cohesiveness together with the movements across the rail;

[0010] The You-convert system containsmounts and motor, suction power canister fingers, the magnet trough seating mounting dish, magnetic tank seating, bushings and concave tire;

[0011] bracket fixedly mounted on the mating connector with attach and moving seat rails;

[0012] electric motor fixedly placed on the bracket;

The shaft from the engine through a roller chain is and coupling found beyond the sleeve holder linked to;

The sleeve of the correcting sleeve has some magnet plates resolved towards the sockets;

The sleeve of your fixing sleeve is provided with a pair of magnet repairing platter mating groove recessed base wheel;

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