The upender makes up a weightlifting system

Also to use the existing rails application metronomic means of transportation, though [0002] In the assembly line in the production of railwaywagons and overhaul, you must turn on the car to shift position, to achieve optimum welding position, ensure the welding quality, it can neither interrupt the production lines have to maintain high production efficiency . Within the other, gondola and boxcar motor vehicle upenders within the manufacturing method is not good way to obtain. According to traditional methods, the majority of the production units to take frame flipping machine to complete displacement. This kind of structure-type change machine have to initially up grade the entire body, the body following bogie out only soon after operation is finished, then this truck into the entire body mailed out, furthermore, the full cumbersome, sizeablemass and inertia, is tough to fine handle and stability is very poor. [0003] Oriental Patent No. 200520020276.2 discloses a patent document is not away, by way of a sequence transmitting tipper truck entire body, which uses a chain change gantry structure setting, the engine provided in the higher element of gantry body, which Although the structure

However, the form is not complicated, the structure is relatively simple, but since the body is the use of a chain to be subject to flip, poor stability, and that the actual operation, must be below the vehicle upender body move away bogie, more complicated.


[0004] The current upender handles the problems from the preceding craft, there is provided a line of the pipeline functioning around the reversing device, the precise technological scheme is reversing device from the clamp means, turning means, the assistance devices and other factors, where the revolving signifies shaped from the electric motor as well as the rotator, the rotator is created ring, can pass through the rotor body, to achieve an internet based procedure, does not change the perform of any method.

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