The upender includes clamping units for PC wire coil turning

[0007] within the revolving carrier carrier repaired to at the very least two rollers, the rollers possess a plurality of rollers mounted on the holder.

[0008] In a recommended embodiment, the travel wheel, the powered wheels are set on the external periphery in the initially teeth construction and the spinning outer periphery of your carrier structure from the next teeth, the 1st teeth framework as well as the secondly teeth Construction active.

[0009] In a preferred embodiment, the drive tire, pushed tire placed on the turning framework beneath the spinning wheel installed on the top of the spinning structure.

[0010] In a desired embodiment, the rotating holder repaired with two roller body, two curler frames symmetrically disposed.

[0011] Within a desired embodiment, a plurality of rollers of the curler holder was established in a row of a minimum of two, along with the wheel within the comparable position in every single row.

[0012] In a single desired embodiment, the rollers arranged by two series in the rack rollers, each and every row is provided by using a roller.

[0013] Compared with the prior artwork, the upender provides the pursuing beneficial effects: the upender provides an automatic upender machine, the motor output torque is transmitted to the drive wheel through the sprocket, the drive wheel and the rotating frame by engaging tooth structure, the structure Simple, flip job stability, torque transmission and high reliability; rotation relative to the fixed frame rack for 360 ?? continuous flip, and according to the actual production needs to move for a variety of occasions flipping job requirements.


According to the upender is described in further detail [0014] The following Examples and the accompanying drawings.

[0015] Figure I from the upender in a automatic upender machine schematic. [0016] Guide numeral Information:

[0017] I, the engine;

[0018] 2, sprockets;

[0019] 3, the generate tire;

[0020] 4, the resolved structure; [0021] 5, change the holder;

[0022] 6, curler shelves;

[0023] 7, the wheel;

[0024] 8, the motivated tire;

[0025] 9, the rotating tire.

Distinct embodiments

[0026] Physique I in the upender offered a schematic structural view of intelligent reversing machine.

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