The upender includes clamping devices

The technology discloses an upender. The upender consists of clamping gadgets, a turning product, a assisting product and stuff like that, whereby the spinning gadget includes a motor unit and two or more revolving physiques; the rotating physiques are circularly shaped; as well as a motor vehicle physique which can be upended can go through the turning systems. The upender comprises a weightlifting device which consists of a lift vehicle. The clamping items are situated on the inner edges in the revolving physiques and fixed about the turning body. The driving a car setting of sequence generate along with the driving a vehicle method of items push, buckle drive, metallic club travel and stuff like that might be used between the electric motor as well as the rotating physiques. The safety is good, the stability is high and the operation is simple, the upender works on line; and because the operation body is circularly shaped.

translated from China

An internet based vehicle upender machine, the clamping device, turning implies, the help gadgets and also other elements, whereby the turning indicates makes up a electric motor, the rotor, described in that explained rotary system is annular.

(2) as professed in claim 1, wherein the automobile upender range, recognized in this stated rotary physique is several.

According to claim 1, wherein the vehicle upender line, characterized in that said clamping means is located on the rotating body, 3.

As claimed in claim 1, wherein the vehicle upender line, characterized in that, further comprising a lifting device, the lifting device formed by a lifting trolley.

5 according to claim 4, wherein the vehicle upender line, characterized in that the lifting trolley is equipped with the above track.

Wherein the vehicle upender line, characterized in that said support means to provide support for the rotating body, including the side support and the bottom support, as claimed in claim 1.

Wherein the vehicle upender line, characterized in that said rotating body by way of the drive motor with a chain, can also be used gears, steel, other and belts transmission means, as claimed in claim 1.

As claimed in claim 3, wherein the vehicle upender line, characterized in that said clamping means is a direct clamping.

Information converted from Oriental

Modern technology

[0001] The upender concerns a upender gadget, especially a upender device compartment.

Also to use the existing rails application metronomic means of transportation, even though [0002] In the assembly line in the production of railwaywagons and overhaul, you must turn on the car to shift position, to achieve optimum upender position, ensure the upender quality, it can neither interrupt the production lines have to maintain high production efficiency . From the boxcar, other and gondola autos inside the generation method has been no good way to achieve. According to traditional methods, the majority of the production units to take frame flipping machine to complete displacement. This sort of structure-kind change machine must initially up grade the body, your body adhering to bogie out only soon after operation is done, then this truck to the physique shipped out, in addition, the whole heavy, sizeablemass and inertia, is tough to fine control and balance is bad. [0003] China discloses a patent document is not really away from, by way of a sequence transmission tipper vehicle physique, which uses a sequence flip gantry structure function, the electric motor provided inside the higher component of gantry body, which Even though the framework

However, the form is not complicated, the structure is relatively simple, but since the body is the use of a chain to be subject to flip, poor stability, and that the actual operation, must be below the vehicle body move away bogie, more complicated.

Breakdown Of THE Innovation

[0004] The upender handles the problems of the preceding art, there is supplied a type of the pipeline working around the reversing device, the specific practical system is reversing system from the clamp implies, revolving indicates, the help products as well as other parts, wherein the rotating signifies established with the engine along with the rotator, the rotator was created band, can pass through the rotor system, to accomplish a web-based procedure, fails to impact the execute of any

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