The upender consists of clamping units for wire coil turning

As claimed in assert 5, wherein the automated upender machine, described for the reason that the roller frame (6) set up on two rows of rollers (7), every single row 5 is provided with rollers (7).

Outline converted from Oriental

An automated upender machine


[0001] The upender refers to technical career fields, specifically to put an automated upender machine.


[0002] With the advance of industrial production, flipping machine able to adapt products, parts flip requirements in order to achievestable and safe, effectively providing technology transportation, which are widely used in metallurgy, stamping, sheet metal,mold and paper, frozen , strip, coil, barrel, other and coil industries. Change Flick machine during functioning, flip direction handle, flick job steadiness variables for example torque transmission stability is really a way of measuring overall performance indications upender machine.


According to the actual need for flip angle control, [0003] In response to these shortcomings, the upender aims to propose an automatic upender machine, its simple structure, flipping job stability, torque transmission and high reliability.

[0004] An automated upender equipment, such as electric motor, sprocket, gear tire, resolved holder, change the carrier, rollerrollers and frame, powered wheel and revolving tire, which,

[0005] a sequence placed on the engine productivity shaft and also the axis of rotation in between the travel wheel for your motor unit output shaft torque is transferred towards the powered rotation of your drive wheel;

[0006] By rotating rack generate tire, pushed wheel and spinning tire rotatably fitted in a fixed carrier, push tire rotates to operate the rotation from the carrier in accordance with the repaired structure for rotational movements;

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